Here are the best-selling electronic kitchen scales in France!

The electronic kitchen scale is an essential accessory when you want to concoct good meals or lose weight. Discover our selection of the best devices on the market.

Whatever the field, the homemade has been in vogue in recent years. So, to make quiches, cakes, cakes and other pastries, it is essential to invest in a kitchen scale. And more particularly, in an electronic kitchen scale which allows a precise dosage of the ingredients of each of your preparations. If you want to follow a strict diet, this accessory will also allow you to weigh each portion on your plate. So opt for a quality model.

How to choose your electronic kitchen scale?

More and more appliance brands are offering their own model of electronic kitchen scales. But which one to choose? To help you in this sometimes difficult choice, we reveal to you important criteria not to be overlooked when you want to buy this flagship tool allowing you to measure to the nearest gram or milliliter any of your ingredients.

Measurement Accuracy

Whether you want to lose weight or simply make your favorite recipes without any surprises, the precision of your electronic kitchen scale is essential. In addition to choosing a model with a weighing capacity of up to 15 kilos, choose a scale with a graduation of 0.1, 0.01 or even 0.001 grams.


For convenience, prefer an electronic kitchen scale that clearly and legibly displays the weight of each of your ingredients.

The different functions offered

One of the elements not to be overlooked? The functions offered by the electronic kitchen scale. Choose a model that offers the conversion from grams to milliliters, as well as the reset of the counter allowing to add different ingredients without the weight of the latter being added to the elements already present in the bowl. And for more practicality, remember to check if the chosen kitchen scale has a hook. This will make it easier to store it.

The best electronic kitchen scales released this year

€33.98 instead of €54.99

Easy to store, this electronic kitchen scale is available in three colors (white, black, steel) that will blend perfectly with the interior of your kitchen. The machine’s weighing is very accurate and its weighing surface is large enough to accommodate even your largest dishes. Another important point: the batteries are supplied with the device.


Offering good value for money, this electronic kitchen scale is one of the best rated models on the market. Tare button, precision to the nearest gram, simplified display… This appliance offers a wide range of essential functions for cooking both savory and sweet recipes.


The advantage of this electronic kitchen scale? Its lightness which however does not detract from its robustness. Despite its low price, the weighing capacity of this model is very precise. Made of stainless steel, the surface of the scale is easy to clean.


Thanks to the addition of a hook, this electronic kitchen scale can be stored on the wall of your kitchen or simply in a drawer. With this model you have the possibility to weigh quantities of up to 5 kilos. Most ? The parts necessary for the proper functioning of the machine are available for 5 years after purchase.


With just one click, this electronic kitchen scale allows you to weigh both solid and liquid ingredients.

€38.18 instead of €62.05

Whether you are a novice or experienced in the kitchen, this electronic kitchen scale is very easy to use. This includes a tare function and allows easy conversion of measurement units.

€104.99 instead of €149

Compatible with all branded pastry robots KitchenAidthis electronic kitchen scale clips directly onto appliances from the culinary brand and promises a dual function: sifting and weighing each ingredient.

€19.99 instead of €21.99

Balance with an improbable design, this model takes up very little space and can be taken everywhere. Despite everything, the latter has nothing to be ashamed of since it includes an automatic shutdown, overload and instability indicator, a low load indicator and non-slip feet.


This electronic kitchen scale promises high-precision dosing thanks to the addition of four sensors. Flour, oil, coffee, water, sugar… You can weigh all the food needed for your preparations without worry.


With this electronic kitchen scale, you can weigh the ingredients of your recipe right in the bowl of the appliance. And this element is not the only advantage of this model since you also have the possibility to change its unit of measurement (in ounces, in kilograms or in pounds).

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