Here is the performance of life insurance in 2021, the very mixed results of mutuals on the reform of 100% health… The economic flash of the day

The figure of the day: 3.10%. This is the average return served by a life insurance contract in 2021. Florence Lustman, the president of France Assureurs, recalled, this Wednesday, March 30, that “life insurance has always outperformed inflation” . An assertion that has again been verified, since the rise in consumer prices last year was posted at 1.60%. In detail, savers invested solely in the euro fund, the capital-guaranteed support for life insurance, received an average return of 1.30%. Those who accepted a risk taking by subscribing units of account obtained much more: 9%, still on average. A return largely due to the performance of the financial markets, with for example a CAC 40 which jumped 28.85% in 2021. More details on our site.

The rant of the day is addressed to complementary health insurance, far from being irreproachable in terms of the services provided to policyholders. The results of the reform of 100% health, allowing the French to benefit from dental, hearing and optical care fully reimbursed, are very mixed on optics. Only 14% of the lenses and 12% of the frames come under zero charge. And Mutual Harmony (6% of equipment) and Swiss Life (7%) do even less well. As for the systematic application of third-party payment to free 100% health baskets, scheduled for January 2022, we are still waiting for it. On the prevention side, which represents only 2% of French health expenditure, it is difficult to know if mutual insurance companies are doing their part of the job, most of them having refused to answer us. Mutual Harmony nevertheless claims to devote 5.2% of its resources to it, Swiss Life 0.8%, and Allianz only a small euro per customer per year…

Practical information concerns buyers of new apartments. The broker Empruntis as well as the specialized platform have carried out a joint study which makes it possible to anticipate, for the purchase of a three-room apartment off-plan, the average monthly payment to be reimbursed by taking out a loan on 20 years. Lille, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Paris… the ten largest cities have been scrutinized. In the capital, candidates must now repay an average of 3,951 euros per month to acquire a new three-room apartment. That is about 3% more than the monthly payment to be borne for similar accommodation six months earlier. In Lyon, the average monthly payment is currently 1,845 euros per month… ie 1.5% more than last October. But it was in Nice that buyers had to absorb the steepest increases: monthly payments now average 1,765 euros per month, or 10.5% more in half a year!

And we finish by these people who arrive in the middle of the night in front of the town hall of a small town west of Lyon, Vaugneray. Contrary to what one might think, it is not a group of fans hoping to meet their idol, but of French people who are trying to make their identity document. Every Tuesday and Thursday, well before the opening of the town hall of Vaugneray, these brave French people line up hoping to be among the first 25. This municipality processes two days of the week, the requests of the first 25 people who come to get their passport or identity card, without an appointment. Why this enthusiasm? Because it is currently very difficult to get an appointment quickly to make your identity document, the sesame to be able to go on a trip abroad. Some come from the Lyon region, but there are even people who come from far away, because they cannot get an appointment at their town hall for months.

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