High school students from Château-Chinon concoct a Franco-German gourmet meal for the 20th anniversary of the Euro zone

Twenty years ago, Montreuil became the heart of the Euro zone, an anniversary date celebrated today at the village hall by the Europe en Morvan association.

On this occasion, a Franco-German gourmet meal was prepared jointly by students from the François-Mitterrand high school in Château-Chinon and apprentices from the Berufsbildende Schule in Mainz, under the direction of chef Frank Brunswig. This meal will be served on Saturday, September 17, at the multipurpose hall in Montreuil, to a circle of guests.

National figure of the kitchen in Germany

A national figure in the kitchen in Germany, like Philippe Etchebest in France, Frank Brunswig has already worked with young people from Dijon and has hooks in the region. After several exchanges, the project was built. And this time, it was accompanied by two apprentices and a cooking teacher that the chef made the trip to the capital of Morvandelle.

Arrived on Wednesday, they were able to take advantage of the kitchens of the François-Mitterrand high school to ensure the preparation. They were also able to discuss the gastronomic particularities of Burgundy and those of the Rhineland-Palatinate region.

premium In Montreuil, the Heart of the Euro is 20 years old, and it’s time to celebrate

The meal will be served by high school students and will highlight the specialties of the two regions. As a starter, local products will be highlighted with Morvan ham, cabrache and trout from Vermenoux fish farms. For the Germans, it will be about salted herring.

Then, the cooks chose an identical product, but worked it differently. The eggs will be offered in red wine sauce by the Burgundians and with seven herbs by the Germans.

Strengthen ties

As a main course, ham with hay/steamed potatoes and mashed potatoes with Morvan mushrooms and ham with sweet mustard.
For dessert, various petit fours will delight the taste buds. Black bread and loaves of white bread will also be on the table as well as specific wines from both regions.

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A tasty collaboration which will make it possible to strengthen the links between the François-Mitterrand vocational school and the Berufsbildende Schule in Mainz and to consider exchanges.


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