Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Zoetis encourage you to get your dog diagnosed to improve his quality of life

Osteoarthritis, from ancient Greek arthrosis (“joint”), is a rheumatological disease that makes our hairballs suffer and impairs their movements. As Woopets indicates in a dedicated guide, it ” corresponds to the progressive degradation of the articular cartilage covering the bone tissues of the joints “.

No less than 40% of dogs show clinical signs of this condition1. And yet! According to a market study, it is diagnosed in only 23% of domestic canines2. Figures which unfortunately show that many representatives of the canine species suffer from osteoarthritis too often in silence. Our furry friends tend to hide the signs of pain and the symptoms are often attributed to “advanced age”.

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Thus, a plethora of owners neglect the signals sent by the body of their little protege. However, the physical suffering and the functional and emotional impacts are the alarm bells of this disease. Scalable and incurable, it affects the daily lives of our 4-legged friends. As owners, your responsibility is to offer them the best possible quality of life and to contribute to their development.

It is for all these reasons that early diagnosis and treatment are necessary. Following the clinical examination, the patient will have to follow a treatment to relieve his ailments. A treatment that aims to put out the flames of osteoarthritis and offer better days to your doggie.

Illustration of the article: Osteoarthritis Day: Hill's Pet Nutrition and Zoetis encourage you to have your dog diagnosed to improve his quality of life

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The warning signs

Symptoms of osteoarthritis vary widely from individual to individual. Only a consultation with the veterinarian will bring you a clear, clear and precise answer. To give you an idea and encourage you to stay alert, here is a list of signals to watch out for:

  • lameness;
  • stiffness and/or difficulty getting up;
  • pain on touch;
  • demotivation (no longer want to play, walk or practice any other activity);
  • reduced movements;
  • licking or biting certain parts of the body;
  • behaviour change ;
  • fatigue ;
  • loss of appetite ;
  • anxiety.

The disease affects dogs of various ages. It usually appears due to genetic predispositions or aging of the animal. Some subjects in the grip of an advanced stage of the disease become incapable of performing movements that were once habitual.

Once the diagnosis has been made and treatment has been put in place to reduce the symptoms, the practitioner may recommend a diet and physical activity adapted to your hairball, victim of osteoarthritis.

Illustration of the article: Osteoarthritis Day: Hill's Pet Nutrition and Zoetis encourage you to have your dog diagnosed to improve his quality of life

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A campaign to fight osteoarthritis and a €12 refund offer

To make pet owners aware of canine osteoarthritis, help them detect the clinical signs of the disease and encourage them to consult a veterinarian for a diagnosis, the brand Hill’s Pet Nutrition is launching a communication campaign on social networks from September 19 to October 30, 2022.

First, it offers an online assessment to check the health status of dogs and raise awareness among their owners. In case of suspicion, they are invited to make an appointment with a veterinarian, who will make a real diagnosis and provide them with valuable advice.

As explained Hill’s Pet Nutrition in a press release, they can then benefit from a deferred reimbursement offer of €12 on a diagnostic consultation with the veterinarian of their choice “. So don’t wait any longer before taking care of your doggie!

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