How can chef Simone Zanoni draw inspiration from Tomorrowland for his cuisine?

If the music and the atmosphere remain the main selling points of Tomorrowland, which will open its doors again this weekend, the gastronomy also occupies a place of choice. For some festival-goers, it is even essential. It must be said that for several years, the festival has paid particular attention to its gourmet space.

For this 16th edition, the organizers have, for example, invited the multi-award-winning Indian chef Gaggan Anand, renowned for his offbeat menus and his high mastery of molecular cuisine. For the Tomorrowland Restaurant, he imagined a unique menu, which guests can enjoy, seated at the Chef’s Table, with a view of the main stage. Note that for the closing of the festival, Sunday, it is the chef Thijs Meliefste, who will work in the kitchen of the Chef’s Table.

Many renowned Belgian chefs have also collaborated on this 2022 edition, including Bart De Pooter, Roger Van Damme, Toon de Bock and Xavier Van Hecke… The latter officiates at the Mesa, with preparations inspired by cuisines from all over the world. world and which invite you to travel.

In video, the pasta recipe of chef Filippo La Vecchia:

A source of pleasure and inspiration

But the chefs are not only behind the stoves, some also slip in among the festival-goers. If you are lucky enough to have your sesame for the event, don’t be surprised if this last weekend, you come across Simone Zanoni there. The starred chef of the George in Paris, famous for his concept of Bomba Atomica and his culinary videos as playful as they are warm, which are a hit on social networks, has indeed decided to take the plunge.

“For me, going to Tomorrowland is symbolic,” explains the smiling Italian chef. Socially, it represents the return to a certain normality, to fun, with a notion of total sharing, whether musical or gastronomic. For two years, we had to put all these events aside. Man is made to be with others, we are not made to live alone… We have all suffered from the health crisis and the return of all these events, like Tomorrowland, the reopening of restaurants, that makes part of the essential things, which bring people together and bring them pleasure. »

What he likes about Tomorrowland? The diversity. “It’s great, because you meet people of all ages there, who come to have a good time, to listen to music.” And of course… the kitchen: “I come to have fun but I suffer from a major professional deformity. I’m curious to see how an event of this size is organized to be able to feed so many people at once (laughs). And above all, qualitatively. Everyone who talks to me about it praises the gastronomic quality of the event. I can’t wait to taste what my colleagues are preparing there. Culinary inspiration is not alchemy or magic… A chef uses all the social, visual and gustatory cues to create his dishes. A flavour, a memory… can inspire a dish. »

In the kitchen in 2023?

And him, when does he come to cook for the festival-goers? “I’ve never taken part in a musical event of this size, it would be pretentious of me to arrive saying ‘Yes, yes, I’m coming, I can prepare food for you for thousands of people’ (laughs). I therefore prefer to come as a festival-goer, to observe the clientele, understand their expectations, taste… and have fun! And – who knows? – perhaps the Italian chef, seduced, will be tempted by a place behind the stoves of the festival next year. In any case, we say “Yes”!

Tomorrowland Belgium, last part of summer 2022 from July 29 to 31,

Simone Zanoni will be the guest of So Soir in our back-to-school issue on September 3!

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