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On a pizza, in a stew of beef, for its bolognese pasta… the tomato is available and savored in all its forms. In the canned food section, it is very difficult to choose between coulis, puree, concentrate or even tomato pulp. And yes, because to enjoy them all year round, canned tomatoes are ideal and even sometimes recommended for a healthy and quick meal. To shed some light, here is everything you need to know about tomato pulp.

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What is the difference between pulp, coulis, puree and tomato concentrate?

Pulp, coulis, concentrate or puree and crushed, canned tomatoes come in many forms. But how to differentiate them? Tomato pulp is actually the same thing as crushed tomatoes. These are seeded and peeled tomatoes that have been cut and/or crushed to recover the flesh. The pulp and the crushed are therefore uncooked canned tomatoes that you can still use for stews. Tomato coulis or tomato puree is made from hot crushed tomatoes. The skin and seeds are then separated from the liquid. Depending on the brands, water, sugar and other components are added to be able to keep them longer. Also, the texture is not always the same, sometimes thick, sometimes liquid. The tomato puree returns to the same preparation as the coulis and the puree. The only difference is that the concentrate requires cooking the liquid obtained to keep the flavors as much as possible and let the juice evaporate. It is therefore a much thicker preparation but more “tomato“.

How to cook tomato pulp?

Canning tomatoes yourself is super easy. To make homemade tomato pulp, you have several options depending on whether you decide to make preserves or to enhance your dish.

  • The recipe for tomato pulp for immediate use

For homemade, no-cook tomato pulp or crushed tomatoes, start by peeling your tomatoes. Remove their skin then remove the pips and collect the juice that escapes. Then cut the tomatoes into small pieces and place them in a container. Add the juice that you have been able to recover, salt and pepper lightly. You can use them as is or use a pestle to lightly grind them to the texture you want.

  • The recipe for tomato pulp for canning

If you plan to make canned tomato pulp at home, it is possible. To do this, boil a pot of water and plunge your tomatoes into it to scald them. Remove their skin then deseed them and cut them into pieces. In a saucepan, pour a drizzle of olive oil and place the pieces in it. Add a little salt and pepper and simmer gently for about 20 minutes. Stir occasionally to prevent the mixture from burning. Use sterilized jars then pour the tomato pulp and close the jars. In a large pot, boil water, place the jars in it and cook for 1 hour. You can then let them cool and keep them for up to 1 year.

What can I substitute for tomato pulp?

Depending on your recipes, the tomato pulp can be replaced very easily. In fact, if you want make a pie, the coulis and the concentrate will do the job very well to bring a light tomato flavor to your preparation. In a stew, turn to canned peeled tomatoes. In addition to bringing more flavors, they give more textures! In your pasta dishes, you can use fresh tomatoes cut into pieces or coulis to replace the missing can. We promise you that we see nothing but fire!

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