How to defrost bread?

To defrost bread, several options are available to us. Oven, microwave or in the open air… Here are our tips for perfectly thawed and just as tasty bread.

Is it really a good idea to freeze your bread?

Although it is convenient to freeze bread so you always have it on hand, it is a controversial method. It is said to make bread lose its flavor and soften it. According to critics of frozen bread, the latter would even tend to absorb all the odors present in the freezer, becoming inedible. So, for those who refuse to freeze their bread, our tip is to opt for a bread that does not go stale quickly (like country bread) and wrap it in a tea towel to allow it to stay fresh longer. For the others, let’s see how to store bread in the freezer, without losing its flavor or its crispness. It is possible to freeze bread, but also brioche or even Viennese bread with chocolate chips.

What are the rules for freezing bread properly?

It is essential that the bread in question is fresh and has never been frozen in the past. You never put food in the freezer – whatever it is – that has already been frozen. If the bread is still warm, you have to wait until it is at room temperature to put it in a freezer bag (or a simple plastic bag) carefully closed, without air inside. The freezer temperature should be at least -18 degrees. Once the bread is placed in the freezer, it can stay there for six months without altering its taste or posing any health risk to the consumer.

What is the best way to defrost bread?

The more gently the defrosting is done, the more the bread retains its flavor. It is therefore recommended to place the bread in a clean tea towel and leave it at room temperature. You have to be patient, because the wait can last an hour. You can put it in the oven for a few minutes, once it is sufficiently thawed (it doesn’t have to be completely thawed, it will finish thawing in the oven). This short passage in the oven allows it to become as crispy as on the first day.

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How to defrost bread faster?

For those in a hurry, it is recommended to freeze already sliced ​​bread. This allows you to thaw each slice very quickly by putting it in the toaster for only a few moments. A very effective and practical technique for express breakfasts.

It is also possible to use a microwave to defrost the bread. It only takes about 20 seconds, but be careful: the bread comes out a little soft and tends to go stale quickly afterwards. On the other hand, the microwave works wonders when it comes to softening bread that has become hard. Simply place a small container filled with water in the appliance, next to the piece of bread.

How to defrost bread in the oven?

A third method is to place the bread in an oven previously heated to 200 degrees. It must be cooked at this temperature for five minutes and then turn off the oven. It is then left for another five minutes, in the oven turned off, but kept closed. Once this time has elapsed, all that remains is to take the bread out and let it cool for about ten minutes, before eating.


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