How to delete your Google account, deactivate Gmail, save your data…

You no longer use your Google account and you want to delete it? Some Google services are useless to you and you would like to remove them from your account? It is possible, and you can do it manually at any time. Summary of all the procedures to follow.

Delete your Google account

Be careful, deleting your Google account can have consequences, especially if some of your important data is stored there. There is no going back, and deleting your account involves:

  • the loss of all data contained on Google services (Drive, Gmail, Agenda, etc.) as well as all data stored on the account.
  • the permanent loss of all subscriptions and/or content purchased on YouTube or on the Play Store (applications, books, music, films, etc.).
  • the loss of contacts linked to your Google account on your Android smartphone.
  • the permanent loss of the username used for registration (you will not be able to recover it if you wish to re-register).
  • the loss of all information related to Google Chrome (favorites, plugins, etc.).

To permanently delete your Google Account, perform the following steps:

  • go to the section Data and privacy of your Google account,
  • scroll through the categories and choose Your data and privacy options,
  • select More options and click on Delete your Google account,
  • follow the procedure and confirm your permanent deletion.

Remove services linked to a Google Account

Google allows users to remove specific services while keeping their account. Learn how to remove Gmail and other services from your Google Account.

Remove Gmail from your Google Account

Deleting your Gmail account results in:

  • the permanent loss of your emails and your messaging settings,
  • stopping your inbox from working (you can still recover your Gmail address later if you wish).

If you’re using a Google Account provided by work, school, or another organization, you’ll need to contact an administrator to do this. To delete your Gmail account:

  • access your Google account and go to Data and privacy,
  • scroll down the page to the section Data from the apps and services you use,
  • click on Delete a Google service and log in if necessary,
  • choose Gmail and click on To delete,
  • enter an existing email address to receive a confirmation email (be careful, this address must not be a Gmail address),
  • validate the email received on your new address to validate the deletion of your Gmail account.

If you finally want to recover your Gmail account, reconnect with your credentials. Be careful, beyond a certain time you risk not being able to recover all your emails.

Remove other services from your Google Account

Gmail isn’t the only Google service you can delete independently from the rest of your account. Indeed, it is also possible to delete other products, such as YouTube. Here are the steps to follow:

  • access your Google account and go to Data and privacy,
  • scroll down the page to the section Data from the apps and services you use,
  • click on Delete a Google service and log in if necessary,
  • select the product you want to delete, and click on the small trash can icon on the right,
  • follow the steps indicated by Google.

Remove apps that have access to your Google Account

When you sign up through Google for certain apps, you sometimes give them permission to access your Google Account. You are free to remove this access at any time from the access permissions management interface.

When you click on one of the applications authorized to access your account, you can choose to remove this permission by clicking on Remove access. If nothing is displayed on this page, it means that no application has access to your Google account.

How to download a copy of your Google data before deleting your account?

It is highly advised to perform a full data backup before deleting anything, to avoid any unintentional data loss. Among the data that you can export and download, we find: emails, documents, calendar, photos, YouTube videos…

To download all of this data, here are the steps to follow:

  • go to the dedicated page to download your data,
  • uncheck the boxes of what you don’t want to download (don’t uncheck anything if you want to download all of your data),
  • select Next step,
  • customize the sending format by choosing from: download by email, add to Drive, add to Dropbox, add to Microsoft OneDrive, add to Box,
  • customize the export format by choosing from point-in-time archive and scheduled exports,
  • customize the file type by choosing from ZIP and TGZ,
  • set a maximum size for the archives you want to create,
  • download your Google data archive.

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