how to generate qualified leads with Google Ads?

Generating qualified leads is a challenge that many businesses face. Indeed, you have to succeed in attracting leads, capturing them and then qualifying them. Three steps that require marketers to be creative, clear and compelling.

The advantage is that Google Ads, Google’s advertising network, is perfectly positioned to help companies meet these challenges.

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In an all-new guide, HubSpot and Google bring together their expertise to help you nurture your leads and create campaigns that convert.


Generating qualified leads via Google Ads, a multi-step process

The key to generating more qualified leads through Google Ads is to understand the impact of your advertising efforts. This is an essential step to improving the lead generation journey and increasing revenue. To do this, it is necessary to become familiar with the existing tools and the good practices to be adapted.

The first is to map the customer journey through the acquisition funnel. Concretely, the goal is to better understand its most loyal customers to attract similar customers. By picking up this guide, you’ll discover visual examples of customer journey maps and tips for evaluating your performance and building a smarter measurement strategy for your ad account.

Then comes a new challenge: attracting and generating leads at scale. The white paper reveals that 70% of consumers say they are constantly on the lookout for new brands and products to simplify their lives and turn to Google to do their research. This means Google Ads is the perfect way to connect with these shoppers when they need it most.


It is therefore recommended to launch campaigns that reach high-potential prospects by showing ads on Google’s vast network of search results. To find out how to do it, just get the guide published by HubSpot and Google. It will allow you to know all the actions to put in place to reach and re-engage high-potential prospects via Google Ads. The advice provided will also be essential for you to maximize your performance and effectively manage your portfolio of prospects once your strategy is deployed.

A checklist to implement best practices

After reading the valuable recommendations from HubSpot and Google, it’s time to implement them. To make sure you don’t forget any, the two companies have developed a checklist of best practices to adopt to maximize your lead generation. For example, it is recommended to stimulate telephone calls to your company thanks to call extensions, develop your audience thanks to targeting by customer list or even maximize the value of your prospects thanks to smart auctions. So many tips that you can apply thanks to the explanations provided by HubSpot and Google.

As you will have understood, this guide helps you understand how Google Ads can help you meet the challenge of generating qualified leads. To find out how to optimize your future campaigns and boost your results, downloading this white paper is essential.


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