How to recover deleted Hangouts (Google Chat) messages?

Whether you need to connect with business or personal contacts, Hangouts is one of the most used messaging apps for seamless interaction. The app is designed to help people interact with their friends, families, and associates through chat, voice calls, and video calls.

However, like other messaging apps, it’s not uncommon for people to lose their text messages on Hangouts. Whether you lost your messages by accident or deleted them intentionally, know that there are many ways to recover deleted messages on Hangouts.

So, there could be many reasons why you might lose messages on Hangouts, but the question is “is it really possible to recover old deleted Hangouts messages”?

Well yes ! Hangouts is one of the few messaging apps that makes it easy for people to recover their deleted files.

In this guide, you will learn how to recover deleted Hangouts (Google Chat) messages easily.

Recover messages from Gmail

If you have been using Hangouts and Gmail for work purposes, you must have noticed that Hangouts history is saved to the Gmail account. So if you ever lose your Hangouts messages, you can rest easy knowing that the texts can be recovered from Gmail.

However, this strategy only works if you have enabled Gmail for Hangouts text storage. Messages will automatically save to Gmail.

Here’s how:

Ouvrez Gmail et connectez-vous à votre compte.
Tapez :chats dans la barre de recherche et appuyez sur la touche Entrée.

recover deleted hangouts messages

C'est tout, ensuite vous trouverez les messages Hangouts de tous les temps.

recover deleted hangouts messages

Recover Hangouts Messages on Android

Archived messages on Hangouts can be easily unarchived. Here are the steps to unarchive Hangouts messages on your Android.

Sur votre appareil, ouvrez l'application Hangouts.
Dans le menu situé en haut de la page, vous trouverez l'option "Archivé".
Sélectionnez la conversation que vous souhaitez désarchiver.
Sélectionnez Plus > Options > Désarchiver la conversation.

Use third-party software

Although the above methods work quite well and can give the best results, there are times when you may have problems with the above methods, that’s when you can use third party software applications to recover the effectively deleted text messages.

Data recovery software applications are available on Google PlayStore and Appstore, but you may be charged a fee for recovering old text messages. Also, software applications may not work. So your best bet is to try to find the deleted hangout conversation in Google Mail.

If you haven’t yet enabled the option to retrieve chat messages in Google Mail, consider doing so now. This will protect your future hangout conversations.


I hope guys now you can easily recover deleted Hangouts (Google Chat) messages after reading this article. If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know in the comment section below.

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