In Créteil, the National Neighborhood Football Cup is in full swing and gives way to women

DJ, catering stand, barber shop and above all football, just for fun, until nightfall… Warm atmosphere on the synthetic pitches of the Duvauchelle stadium in Créteil this Saturday, June 11 for the final day of the group stage of the National Neighborhoods Cup (CNDQ). From one edition to another, what was called in 2019 the Can des Quartiers in reference to the African Cup of Nations, replicated on the scale of Créteil, has changed scale. But the spirit remains the same, above all open to others and inclusive. The proof, the cut did not wait to make room for women. Explanations with the organizers Moussa Sow and Jacqueline Coly.

When he launched his first living together tournament in 2019, Moussa Sow, who grew up in the Bleuets-Bordières district of Créteil, had not imagined the success of his initiative. The idea, concocted with two friends, was to offer young people from the neighborhood, notably from eight African countries, the chance to kick the ball, like a local republic in the African Cup of Nations. Sport and a good-natured spirit to play as a team, beyond neighborhood rivalries, which had immediate success. From 2020, the organizers saw things bigger, with the project of a World Cup and the passage from 8 to 16 teams.

Obviously, it was without counting on the Covid which put a lot of projects on the ground this year and the next. Extra time to prepare a great 2022 edition. “We changed the name for the National Neighborhood Cup (CNDQ), we added Europe and Asia”, says Moussa Sow. The team also benefited from new sponsors, in addition to the city of Créteil, to see things big. “There’s Wowmom Caps, Heetch and Nike, our equipment supplier. They provide us with the balls and allowed us to create personalized jerseys for each team,” unfolds the organizer. Something to improve the ordinary on the ground, beyond the jerseys. “We added a lot of decorations and now we have a DJ, a stand for catering and another for the barber!”

Retransmission of the final on Amazon prime

“We will also benefit from a retransmission of the final on Amazon Prime Video“, continues the founder. “It will be played on the large stadium (still at Dominique Duvauchelle) which will be able to accommodate 12,000 people. And, it’s important to say, the entrance will be free!”

The manager of the Senegal football team present during the final. And why not Mbappe?

On this occasion, announces Moussa Sow, will be present Aliou Cissé, the manager of the Senegalese football team. Before the match, the Teranga Lions coach will coach children from the city of Créteil before kicking off the final. Another star that the organizer would like to see pass through the Cristolian stands is Kylian Mbappé. “He represents a lot. This is the image of young people, no matter where they come from. We are sending him an invitation via this newspaper, and we will send him one personally, very soon”, says Moussa Sow.


For the days, weeks, months and years to come, he also announces the holding of a tournament where the 8 departments of Île-de-France will be represented with a grand final in September. And for the next editions of the CNDQ, he hopes to broaden the horizon even further. “Internationally this time, bringing in foreigners from Brazil and other countries”.

Launch of the women’s cup

In the meantime, the CNDQ has already taken a step, which is not always obvious in sport, even in 2022, to make a real place for female sportswomen, beyond the 16 male teams. In Créteil, the start of the CNDQ for women will be given on Sunday June 19 with 8 teams, at the same time as the men’s quarter-finals, and will also end on July 2, like the men’s tournament, explains Jacqueline Coly, ex – female D1 player at GPSO 92 Issy (formerly FF Issy) and a true activist of women’s football. “We (the girls), at the base, we did things on our side”says the 33-year-old Cergyssoise. It was Moussa who proposed so I went to recruit all the players for the tournament.” A mission accomplished which delights the athlete. “This work, this tournament, it shows that girls are also capable of playing football well and succeeding!”

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