IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. Relive the 2022 edition of the Foulées du Gois in Vendée

On Sunday June 19, 2022, the famous sporting event returned after a two-year hiatus linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. A 34th edition which turned out to be a real success with seven races on the afternoon menu. Relive the highlights of the event in pictures.

The public did not lack voices to encourage the runners, throughout the afternoon.
The public did not lack voices to encourage the runners, throughout the afternoon. | WEST FRANCE

  • Le public n’a pas manqué de voix pour encourager les coureurs, tout au long de l’après-midi. | OUEST-FRANCE

It is a unique event of its kind and appreciated by running enthusiasts. In Vendée, the Foulées du Gois celebrated their big comeback, on the occasion of their 34e edition, Sunday June 19, after a two-year break, due to the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. The expectation was great for the organizers, the public and the runners but the celebration was all the more beautiful thanks to ideal weather, renewed enthusiasm and a spectacle on the Passage du Gois. We open the album of memories of this edition of 2022.

Spectators were able to follow the progress of the various races, broadcast on a giant screen. | WEST FRANCE
David Menanteau (Raid Aventure Pays de Vie) won the first race of the afternoon, at low tide: an unprecedented event. | WEST FRANCE
Still in the race at low tide, it is Maryline Allain (Plumaugat athletics) who wins in the women’s category. | WEST FRANCE
At the finish, volunteers stand ready to offer refreshments to runners. | WEST FRANCE
In the public, everyone has their own technique for following the runners: binoculars or telephone, all means are good so as not to miss a crumb of the show. | WEST FRANCE
The Foulées du Gois are also beautiful family stories. Here, Jean-Pierre Lévêque, co-creator of the event with his son Julien, who has not missed a single edition since the first in 1987. | WEST FRANCE
Young people also measured themselves against the “Paris-Roubaix” of athletics. | WEST FRANCE
From the start, the fight is intense among young people to position themselves at the forefront of the race. | WEST FRANCE
Roger Morisseau, 75, immortalizes with his three cameras, the key moments of the afternoon. After 35 years of good and loyal service, the official photographer of Les Foulées experienced his last edition behind the lens. | WEST FRANCE
Adapted sport was also part of the celebration, like these people with disabilities who ran in joëlettes, carried by team members. Here the Roul’Yon crew from Mouilleron-le-Captif surrounding 4-year-old Paul. | WEST FRANCE
Louis-Pierre Raffin and Michel Heissat challenged the cobblestones of Gois on a handbike. | WEST FRANCE
From the height of her 23 years, the Tarnaise Mélody Julien impressed on the popular women by winning the race hands down. | WEST FRANCE
The family spirit of Les Foulées du Gois illustrated in a photo. | WEST FRANCE
This participant had the pleasure of finishing her race with a “special” teammate. | WEST FRANCE
Even if the heat wave ended on Saturday June 18, the volunteers, like Michèle here, did not fail to distribute refreshments to the runners on arrival. | WEST FRANCE
To cool the bodies and the heads, nothing like a little mist on arrival. | WEST FRANCE
IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. Relive the 2022 edition of the Foulées du Gois in Vendée

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