In Seine-et-Marne, a couple pays for a dog they will never see

Responding to an ad on Facebook, this family got scammed. The trick is more and more common on the networks. ©DR

Véronique and her husband thought they were helping a mother. On July 15, 2022, this couple who lives in Ferrières-en-Brie, respond to an ad on Facebook. A certain Marie Anaïs wants give his Miniature Spitz, small ball of white fur, which is usually acquired for more than a thousand euros. It was actually a scamwhich has become increasingly common.

“My husband loves animals. We have a dog, he has already brought us injured birds… If I listened to him, we would be the SPA! “, explains Véronique, who ended up cracking up too when she saw the photos of the little dog. The post that runs in a local group, is full of good feelings:

Marie Anaïs is thus looking for a “host family” capable of making a “small place in (her) home and in (her) heart for her princess”. All this, emphasizing that adoption is free.

Gain the sympathy of the victims

The first messages exchanged in private are on the same tone. The alleged young woman explains that due to the hospitalization of her granddaughter, in Bayonne (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), she no longer has time to take care of “her baby”. She wants “a kind family, who can take good care of her”, ideally in her area of ​​origin – she would live in Noisy-le-Grand – so that she can go and see little Poupy “on her return”.

What to coax the couple: “I was sad for her, I wanted to help her”, assures the husband of Véronique.

To make the urgency of the donation credible, the scammers invent a tearful story.
To make the urgency of the donation credible, the scammers invent a tearful story. ©DR

The trap closes, the exchanges follow one another: “With the distance, she offered to go through a carrier, Go Transport Animal Express “, says Véronique. Obviously, the journey is paying: the Ferrièroise family must move forward 160€ in Transcash ticket. And even if the carrier’s site does not work, calls received from a man posing as an employee quell the doubts of the family.

The dog never arrives, despite the sums advanced

Then very quickly, more money was needed: “On the pretext that a special cage was needed, it was 480€ ! “, chokes Véronique. In delicacy for health reasons, the family cannot advance the sum: “She told us that we could share the costs”. 160€ leave again in Transcash ticket. But this time, their interlocutors claim that the ticket is not valid. ”

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It was too much. I had the ticket checked, it was good. I was too naive “, laments Véronique who finds herself just to end her month. I wanted to call that out so others wouldn’t be fooled. We filed a complaint and reported the post about the group.

A post that we find however in many groups… In Ain, Gironde, Paris and Périgueux (Dordogne), always the same photos, the same message and the same Anaïs Marie posted between July 13 and 25. These fake accounts are flooding social networks. And the stories told to the victims are often the same .

An increasingly common scam

More and more scams of this type circulate on the networks where the scammers have migrated after emails or platforms like Le Bon Coin. The national police regularly publishes alert messages because few are the investigations that succeed.

To spot them, first beware of opportunities that are too good. Few purebred pet owners choose to give them away. Spelling mistakes can also alert you, as can the impossibility of leaving comments under the publication or even payment by Transcash or PCS. These transactions are untraceable.

Last point to check: the account profile. Here, the name displayed is Anaïs Marie but the account address indicates another name.

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