In the kitchen with Colette Provencher: local products on the menu

With Colette – no need to add her last name – we know immediately that the weather will be in the conversation. We have all been listening to his weather forecasts on TVA for more than 20 years. She even manages with her smile and her joie de vivre to make a snowstorm or a polar cold bearable.

On the culinary side, it is this same enthusiasm that drives her, makes her want to push and convince people to buy Quebec products. Colette’s motto could be Quebec first, Quebec always, Quebec of love.

Gourmet quiz

In the morning, tea or coffee?

Espresso coffee, with a drop of milk, is very important to me, because if I don’t have that dose of morning coffee, I miss it all day, so I need it to feel good.

Croissant or oatmeal, fruit…?

Toast, cheeses, nut butter, because peanut butter, even organic, doesn’t fill me up enough and I get a bit peckish during the day, so nut butter suits me better. It is easily found in grocery stores, such as Tau, Avril, Rachelle Béry… But also more and more in supermarkets.

That’s the week, but the weekend, what is it?

The weekend for me is the time for the biggest breakfasts, good brunches with the children: very creamy scrambled eggs, fruits like apples, grapes, bananas. A little baguette cut in half, grilled, a little butter and strong cheddar, I love it. It’s almost a little family ritual, there’s a little moment of sharing, it’s relaxed, I love it.

Sliced ​​bread or baguette?

Rather the baguette, especially on weekends, I spoil myself. I like the Canael bakery in Bromont, everything that is done there fills me with joy, it’s a pure delight.

Cheese or dessert ?

Spontaneously, I would answer that I am very very cheesy, but I am lactose intolerant, so I have to be a little careful. But Quebec is doing well in this area and it is easy to find very good lactose-free cheeses from here. I still have a sweet tooth, so a nice piece of dark chocolate after supper fills me up too. Otherwise, at the restaurant, I check if there is cream in the desserts, because I can’t do that. Lime tart, without cream of course, and I love raspberry desserts.

Meat or fish ?

I am a fish lover. It must be said that I am spoiled, because my entourage, my nephews, my nieces, offer me fish from lakes and rivers, the freshness is exceptional. It’s a real pleasure when I eat it. Trout, walleye, salmon, it’s a great privilege to be able to have access to wonderful local products. This is also the case for meat, I have the privilege of eating game meat, it’s wonderful. If not poultry, organic red meat, products from small breeders and local producers, we must encourage them, it is our common future in Quebec.

With the steak, salad or fries?

Me, I’m potato (laugh)! My mother made fricassees and I told her, no meat, but give me potatoes… But to come back to the question, I would say half fries, half salad.

Vegetarian or meat?

A little meat, a little fish, vegetables, legumes, tofu, seitan… In short, to sum up, I would say that I have a fairly balanced diet.

Caramel or chocolate?

I’m going to say chocolate, but I make a terrific butterscotch and fleur de sel. You have to respect the different stages and the cooking temperature, but once done, it’s happiness that I offer in small jars to those I love.

Cake or cookie?

Biscuit, like biscotti, I find that it quickly fills a small need for gluttony.

Colette Provencher

Beer or wine?


White or red?

I was red before and even only red, whereas now I’m white wine. It’s very pleasant for me to have fun discovering the different notes and flavors of white wines. Sancerre, Chablis, Sauvignons, Chardonnays, I like complex wines that make me travel.

Colette Provencher

Bubbles or cocktail for the aperitif?

A glass of white wine (laugh)!

Tell me about your favorite kitchen accessory and why did you choose it?

A bread knife that I use a bit for everything, it’s crazy, because its small fine teeth allow me to cut as much bread as slices of tomatoes, a great master key.

Do you have a little ritual when you prepare meals? Small glass of wine, background music, do you sing?

A glass of wine to get me in the mood and relax a bit. Otherwise, for my guests, I like to receive them with a well-laid table, they do nothing, do not participate, I receive them as if we were in a restaurant. They know it’s not my habit to say: you bring the salad, and you the dessert, no no no, I take care of everything and my guests, I spoil them.

Do you have a favorite recipe that you make for your guests?

My son made me discover sous vide cooking with the thermo circulator, it’s wonderful to have perfect and soft cooking. So a beautiful poultry cooked under vacuum is tender, never dry and what’s more, you can make it in advance and spend more time with the guests.

Tell me about the culinary achievement you often do.

A bluefin tuna just seared. A fish with a pink cooking like a salmon trout, a good velvety soup, a salad of yellow beets with green beans and caramelized pecans. Also, a nice simmered dish, like an osso buco, a good slow-cooked roast that smells good in the house.

Yellow beet salad

Courtesy picture

Yellow beet salad

Tell us that you have already served a completely failed dish… lol !

I like crunchy vegetables and one day I served almost uncooked vegetables, even potatoes, and everyone was laughing at me, and then me too.

Best restaurant dining experience ever?

I’ve had great experiences in restaurants in my life, but one great memory with kids in South Africa, for three weeks, everything we ate was discovery and very good.

What did it smell like in your home, in the kitchen, when you were little?

It smelled of steak cooked in butter, that’s where my passion for butter comes from. To mark my mother’s 100th birthday, if she was still with us, with my family, we reproduced exactly her creton recipe that my brother managed to find, a beautiful memory.

Address Book

Your favorite restaurants?

  • Bravi, Le tire-bouchon, Chez Lionel, the three in Boucherville.
  • The Cru in Saint-Lambert.
  • Chez Boulay Bistro Boréal in Quebec.
  • Auberge Saint-Antoine in Quebec.

Good favorite shops?

  • On the South Shore, there’s L’Amour du pain and Les Enfarinés, my ultimate favorite, it’s really Canaël, in Bromont.
  • Fruiterie Valmont in Boucherville, I find lots of gourmet things there, even flavored salt varieties and one brand in particular that I really like called KANEL ÉPICES, it’s really very good.

Favorite culinary products?

  • Belsoy creamy soy preparations, a great discovery for me.
  • Arla brand products.
  • Natrel products too, which has a nice line of lactose-free products.
  • The famous sausages of They smoke it good.

Favorite dish at the restaurant?

Tartare is always a delight, especially a fish tartare.

What can’t you do without in the kitchen?

Butter, impossible to live without…

Guilty greed?

Chips, salt and lime.

Your favorite style of cooking?

Mediterranean, especially, because I like freshness, tomatoes, olive oil, fish, fresh herbs, fresh garlic from Quebec…

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