Individual or Pro what are your obligations?

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Competition in the market for insurance is rough. Often, the insured no longer know how to distinguish between compulsory and optional insurance. However, it is known that taking out an insurance contract prevents you from incurring civil liability for the damage caused. Details on compulsory insurance are therefore to be seen.

Optional insurance

The law does not require individuals to take out certain insurance policies such as death insurance and unemployment insurance.

Death and unemployment insurance

Insurance is optional, but due to the exposure of individuals to accident risks, certain situations have made it compulsory. Individual insurance is optional such as death and unemployment. Subscription to mutual health insurance or complementary health insurance is also optional.

For’unemployment insurance, this is mandatory for employees, except that for self-employed employees, it is optional. This means that the subscription to an unemployment insurance contract depends on the will of the latter.

L’school insurance is also optional, but taking out a school insurance contract has become compulsory in the event that extracurricular activities are offered by the school.

The case of borrower insurance

When you decide to take out a loan, your bank will ask you to sign up for a death insurance, otherwise it will be impossible to grant you credit. the death insurance contract optional therefore becomes mandatory in this situation.

Subscription to the various compulsory insurances

Just because insurance is optional doesn’t mean you don’t need to have it. It is even recommended to subscribe to categories of insurance. The law imposes compulsory subscription for certain insurance contracts. Generally, the three kinds of compulsory insurance are the health insurance contract, home insurance and car insurance. It should be noted that civil liability covers the following points:

  • Private life ;
  • Professional life.

Residential civil liability may also be incurred by the tenant. In addition, auto liability is required for driving to be legal.

The obligation to take out health insurance

Among the various insurances is health insurance or health insurance. For individuals, health insurance is one of the compulsory insurances whose main purpose of underwriting is citizens’ compensation and to facilitate access to healthcare.

If you are unemployed (no current activity) or when you are under the authority of a guardian, you enjoy the same support. Health insurance applies to particular status and not only professionalthe reason is that health insurance covers costs for illness, maternity, disability, death, accidents at work and occupational diseases.

It should be noted that the coverage that the insurance offers to its customers is not 100%, it is the mutual health insurance which covers the remainders to be reimbursed, but this is not compulsory.

The obligation to take out home insurance

One of the types of insurance is home insurance.. Home insurance is to be taken out according to the situation of the owner of a building. The process is as follows, the owner of the building is not obliged to subscribe to a home insurance contract. On the other hand, for tenants, taking out home insurance is mandatory.

Subscribing to a home insurance contract is a guarantee of rental risks. This warranty is intended to compensate for damage caused to the home. Not all damage will be covered, but three essential points are cause for repair, including fire, water damage and explosion.

Insurance: Individual or Pro what are your obligations?

It is recommended that the tenant take out multi-risk home insurance to be able to protect the furniture incorporated into the house and which is his personal property.. Otherwise, in the opposite case, the owner has the right to take out home insurance for a furnished rental.

The co-owners can also subscribe to an insurance contract, but the civil liability insurance is already sufficient.

Everyone is responsible for their personal fault, going so far as to cause unintentional damage to a third party, this is civil liability (RC). What differentiates civil liability insurance from other insurance is that civil liability insurance is for the compensation of victims following bodily, material and immaterial damage suffered by third parties.

In principle, civil liability insurance is included in the car insurance or home insurance contract.

While it is not mandatory to take out these types of insurance, you have a duty to choose liability insurance for privacy.

In the event that you failed to take out insurance, it would be your responsibility to compensate the damage to the victim.

It should be noted that a person is held liable for damage caused by his minor child, his pets, his employees, his objects lent (rented) or damage caused by his home.

Compulsory car insurance

Taking out car insurance is compulsory in France. Auto insurance for vehicles in motion or immobilized must be insured with an insurer of your choice. Accidents can happen even if the vehicle is parked. Auto insurance offers civil liability which is a guarantee of the minimum coverage imposed on car owners. So, consider taking out insurance that meets your expectations.

In the event that you are unable to find insurance due to excessive loss or refusal to pay, you have the right to appeal to the central pricing office or BTC and thereafter you will get car insurance public liability.

The obligation to subscribe to a damage-works guarantee

As part of the construction carried out by a company. Subscribing to a damage-work guarantee is mandatory. This guarantee takes effect before the intervention for the repairs of the risks to be covered.

The company is required to subscribe to a ten-year guarantee. Claims coverage is 10 years after the end of the project.

To conclude, failure to subscribe to insurance exposes the person to criminal and financial penalties and above all, compensation for damages will be deducted from their personal account.

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