Insure your electric scooter for the start of the school year from 3.33 euros per month, it’s mandatory!

While scooters, hoverboards and other gyroues are revolutionizing urban mobility, Luko offers scooter insurance to better protect their users and reimburse any damage caused. Bodily or material damage, civil liability, theft of the vehicle, Luko offers insurance from 3.33 euros per month!

More and more city dwellers are turning to electric scooters and new individual electric vehicles (NVEI), which are faster and more flexible than public transport or the car. Fast since they can go up to 25km/h, an electric scooter is considered a land motor vehicle, and you therefore have the obligation to insure it for civil liability for the damage you may cause to others. The users of electric scooters are neither considered as pedestrians nor as cars, they do not have the right to circulate on the sidewalk, but only on the roadway. In the event of an accident, the driver’s liability may be engaged. If your scooter is uninsured, you will be required to pay the injury to the victim.

Indeed, the accidents of these NVEIs can be serious and because their speed exceeds 4 km/h, they are not covered by civil liability and current insurance only provides partial answers to situations that are nevertheless very real. To overcome this lack, Luko offers scooter insurance & NVEI which offers a simple way to protect yourself, while protecting other users of the city.

Subscribe to the Luko offer for the start of the school year

Simple, fast, 100% online and collaborative, Luko scooter insurance is a paragon of modern insurance. From 3.33 euros per month, the toddler can thus benefit from cover adapted to this new mode of transport: bodily injury, material damage in the event of collisions, theft… but also better protect others thanks to civil liability. (covering damage to a third party or property) and legal assistance (in the event of a lawsuit).

  • For 3.33 euros per month, you thus have the minimum legal guarantees with civil liability, to protect others in the event of an accident + Criminal Defense and Recourse
  • For 10.07 euros per month, you still have civil liability, as well as guarantees on collision damage, theft, natural disasters, or in the event of an accident.

It is possible to subscribe to this insurance directly on the internet in two minutes, and to cancel it just as easily.

Subscribe to the Luko offer for the start of the school year

Is insurance compulsory?

New electric vehicles are considered by law to be motorized land vehicles (VTM), as well you have the obligation to insure yourself at least in respect of civil liability for damage you may inflict on others with your vehicle.

However, you should know that the civil liability included in your home insurance contract is not always sufficient to fulfill this obligation. Indeed, the use of VTMs is often excluded from these contracts (remember to check yours), so you must subscribe to a specific contract as you would for a motorcycle or a car.

Ditto, even if your civil liability is covered by your current home insurance, dedicated coverage may be interesting if you want to extend your protection with useful guarantees such as coverage:

  • Theft and property damage;
  • Personal injury (for damage inflicted on yourself);
  • Criminal defense in the event of legal action.

What are the New Personal Electric Vehicles (NVEVs) covered by the insurance?

If most of the new cars you meet on the road are electric scooters, know that NVEI insurance covers:

  • electric scooters;
  • gyrowheels;
  • longboards;
  • hoverboards;
  • Segways;
  • Ultra-light electric scooters.
  • In short, you have a choice of micro-mobility machines!

What are the risks if I do not insure my electric scooter?

The first risk is to cause material damage or bodily injury to a third party on board your NVEI. You will be required to compensate the victims with your personal finances, for lack of insurance. This can have dramatic consequences when your liability is involved, and the damages to be paid can quickly reach significant sums.

The second risk is to be fined: if you drive without insurance, you incur a fixed fine, ranging from €500 to €7,500.

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