Insuring a second driver: What do you need to know?

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What does a secondary conductor mean?

The secondary driver is opposed to the occasional driver and generally differs from the main driver by his rate of use of the vehicle. If the latter benefits from the status of “main” by his frequency or by his driving time, the secondary driver also proves to be a regular user of the motorized vehicle. Linked to the subscriber’s car insurance, who is, moreover, the sole decision-maker, the second driver is most often a family member (parent, child, spouse, etc.) or a close to the main driver. Once the secondary driver has been officially declared to the insurance organization, the car insurance contract will include the two names of the insured, side by side.

How to insure a second driver?

The process is simple. As the main insured, all you have to do is contact your insurance company and provide the full identity of the second driver. Among the information required, you must attach a photocopy of his identity document, his French driving license and a history of his previous car insurance contracts. Once all of these elements have been sent to the expert body and the car insurance quote has been produced and accepted by all parties, the second driver can legally take the wheel of the vehicle and benefit from the same protection guarantees as the first insured. If a secondary driver wishes to become the main driver, some modifications are to be made to the vehicle documents such as the change of name on the gray card and the reformulation of the auto insurance contract.

What does adding a second driver mean for his car insurance?

As mentioned above, the second driver is materially and financially protected, in the same way as the main insured. However, if he is responsible for an accident, a claim or any damage, the main driver will also be penalized and will therefore pay the penalty resulting from the reduction-increase coefficient, included in the insurance contract. . Furthermore, the main driver’s insurance premium will inevitably be reassessed according to the incidents caused during the last five years. Any increase resulting from the recalculation of the insurance premium will also be charged to the main insured. In addition, if the second driver has recently obtained his driving license, then he is considered a “young driver”. Considered to be more at risk profiles, due to their lack of experience, young drivers, linked to car insurance, will incur possible additional costs for the main driver. However, adding an experienced secondary driver with no driving history will generally not result in an increase in insurance premium.

to summarize

While subscribing to car insurance is compulsory from the moment you buy your vehicle, it is essential to take into account several factors in order to be certain that the formula chosen from your insurance organization corresponds to your use and to your your driving habits. If the different guarantees of a formula ensure the security, both material and financial, of the owner and driver of the vehicle, as well as third parties, they can also protect a second driver. But what does that imply?

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