Interview. Cyril Lignac and “Tous en cuisine” back… with a big change!

A Thai soup in his own way, a revisited “tomato mozzarella”, a chocolate cake, a French toast served with fruit… Cyril Lignac is bringing out the pans on M6 from August 23 with a fourth season of “Tous en cuisine” , the successful family show born during the first confinement.

From Monday to Friday at 6:40 p.m., viewers will have an appointment with the most media-friendly pastry chef in France, his comedian Jérôme Anthony and live families to make “crunchy gourmet” recipes.

If the show retains its basic ingredients -same concept, same lightness and same duo of animators-, a major difference will come to shake up the habits of fans: the change of scenery!

“We were all tired of staying locked up”

This time, Cyril Lignac’s apartment will not be transformed into a television studio. The production of which he is a part, the “Kitchen factory”, will install its stoves on the roofs of the BHV, in the heart of an urban vegetable garden with a view of the Eiffel Tower and the whole of Paris. No more feeling of being cornered at home and promiscuity with “Foufou”, the cameraman: the king of rum baba will be able to take a breath of fresh air on the rooftop, under a green tent.

“We were all tired of staying locked up, us and the people watching us” justifies his sidekick, who will also leave his discreet kitchen in the suburbs of Nancy. “Symbolically, it was important that we were not at home and, as far as possible and the weather, outside. Let us get out of our kitchens, which we had toured a bit! Cyril will therefore be outside, and me everywhere in France”, he explains to us, while he is enjoying his last day of vacation in Saint-Cyprien, in the Pyrénées-Orientales.

The troublemaker is already happy to ring the doorbell of the French people by surprise or by meeting them in public squares or emblematic places in our regions. Everyone will try to prepare a simple and good meal by following the advice and tips of a professional, while treating themselves, in passing, to a good slice of laughter. “We go to people’s homes, we don’t prevent ourselves from doing anything, we’re going to be active every day…” First stop? He can’t say… “But I hope it will be in the South, so that my return won’t be too violent!” He also really wants to stop in Alsace, where the welcome is always worthy of the name.

Cyril Lignac replaced? “I don’t know where it comes from!”

One thing is certain: the eternal student, a little awkward, of the master does not see himself “not at all” working in pairs with another chef. “I heard this rumor that Cyril would be replaced. I don’t know where it comes from! Me, he’s my boyfriend: either we’re together or we’re not. Besides, I think that he is one of the only ones who knows how to do this, cook and host at the same time, alone, facing the camera, live, who starts his recipes at the start of the program, at 6.40 p.m., and at 7.38 p.m., the meal is ready, we can dress and go to the table. It’s a real challenge, but he does it with such relaxation that you don’t realize it. It’s like Fred Astaire when he tap dances, you have the impression that he’s ‘is easy !”

“I will never leave a cookbook”

The most popular Aveyronnais on the small screen would therefore not be about to hand over, despite his schedule as a minister. “As a producer, Cyril does what he wants. It’s true that when we left the first confinement, when we thought everything was going to be back to normal, he may have imagined himself overwhelmed and not being able to resume this rhythm” supposes Jérôme Anthony. “But these are sessions of a few weeks, and he is a very organized and well-supported person,” he adds, confident.

Where he is much less so is when he wears an apron: “My level? I haven’t progressed, and I haven’t done anything in this direction… If I have ever sing to write books on the history of music, I can reassure you: I will never leave a cookbook!”

“Tous en cuisine” live with Cyril Lignac and Jérôme Anthony, Monday to Friday at 6.40 p.m., from August 23, on M6.

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