Is your horse intelligent by nature? The 5 smartest horse breeds in the world

Horses are amazing animals because they make faithful and loyal partners. These intelligent creatures are able to learn commands, tricks, patterns, signals, emotions and much more.

Although intelligence varies from horse to horse, these breeds are known in the equestrian world to be particularly intelligent. They are excellent in many different disciplines, both in and out of the show ring. Many of these particular breeds are also known to be excellent family horses.

Here are the smartest horse breeds:

1. Arabic

Not only are Arabian horses one of the oldest horse breeds, they are also one of the most intelligent. These elegant horses are recognizable by their hooked nose, their light but athletic build, their arched neck and their high tail carriage.

Arabian horses are one of the most versatile breeds and can make excellent family horses. These magnificent horses excel in the following disciplines: saddle, hunting, western, dressage and driving. Thanks to its incredible endurance, the Arabian breed has long dominated endurance competitions.


America’s first official horse breed, the Morgan horse has long been a family horse. Proud and outgoing, these stunning horses have a refined, muscular build, a beautifully chiseled head and an arched neck.

These expressive horses shine both in and out of the show ring. As a versatile breed, you can find Morgans competing in a variety of saddle, western, hunter, dressage, and driving divisions. They move spectacularly and are good partners.

3. Saddlebred

Known for being stars in the show rings, Saddlebred horses are intelligent and sociable horses. These high-stepping horses have an expressive head, straight carriage, athletic body, and arched neck.

Although Saddlebred horses are best known for saddle shows, they excel in many other disciplines as well. They not only make excellent show horses, but also wonderful touring and leisure horses.

4. Frisian

Once fierce medieval war horses, Friesians are now stars of the big screen and show business. These magnificent black horses have a muscular build, arched neck, expressive head, feathers and long, flowing manes.

Friesians make excellent show horses in a variety of different disciplines. They are also a popular breed in the film industry thanks to their noble appearance and intelligence.

5. Thoroughbred

Although Thoroughbreds are best known for being racehorses, this remarkable breed is more than just fast. These fine horses have a lean, athletic body with a delicate head.

These warm-blooded horses are intelligent and sensitive and often exhibit a strong work ethic. Although they can be typically quick-witted, they can make wonderful horses for owners with the right experience. Thoroughbreds are ambitious and intelligent and often benefit from regular work.

Thanks to their incredible speed and endurance, many Thoroughbreds are bred to be racehorses. However, these athletic horses also shine in show jumping, eventing and dressage.

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