Japan: monkeys and a dolphin cause trouble by attacking humans

Are wild animals revolting in the Japanese archipelago? At least two species, since for the past few weeks, Japanese macaques and a dolphin have been making headlines after attacks on humans attributed to them.

Nearly 50 monkey attacks in western country, suspect shot dead

In Yamaguchi, local authorities who are fighting stray macaques that attacked and injured around 50 people announced on Wednesday that they had captured and killed one of the troublemaking monkeys.

The animal, an approximately four-year-old male measuring 50cm in size, was captured with a tranquilizer dart by a specialist shooter as it wandered through the playground of a secondary school of this city in western Japan. He was killed after being identified as the perpetrator of one of the attacks, an official from the local agriculture bureau said.

His death does not guarantee the end of the problem, as several aggressive monkeys are still running around. A total of 49 attacks have been recorded so far.

The witnesses describe monkeys of different sizes. Even after this capture, new attacks were reported to us“, explained the manager.

Since the beginning of July, these attacks, mainly scratches and light bites, have been making headlines in the Japanese press.

Macaques are very common in Japan, and sometimes cause problems by breaking into houses or destroying crops. But this type of aggressive behavior is rare.

Residents of Yamaguchi told local media that they no longer go out without carrying umbrellas and shears to protect themselves in the event of an ape attack.

A “biting dolphin” attacks swimmers in the center

In central Japan, it is a dolphin that commands attention. Indeed, swimmers frequenting a beach in Fukui prefecture have been warned against a cetacean suspected of having bitten several people. Local authorities even encourage visitors to stay away from this marine mammal.

Agents of this beach, where the dolphin has been spotted several times, also installed an ultrasound-emitting device on Wednesday to repel it, a local official said.

A sign calling on visitors not to touch the dolphin was also placed on the beach.

According to local media, at least ten incidents involving dolphin bites have been reported to agents at this beach, which has officially opened for the tourist season since July 9.

A local official said firefighters had been contacted about two incidents involving two men in their 40s who were swimming in the area.

While the injuries recorded so far were minor, authorities are warning of “potential serious injury.”

Dolphins tend to be considered cute, but if you approach them carelessly, they can bite and hurt you“, warned the Fukui police on Twitter on Monday.

If you see one, don’t approach it“, warned the police, citing the example of a man bitten on the hand last Sunday.

According to local authorities, this series of attacks is the work of a single dolphin, whose presence was first noticed off another beach in April, said Mr. Masaki Yasui, in charge of tourism in Fukui. .

Dolphins don’t like to be touched on certain parts of their bodies, such as the tip of their nose and the backbone“, he explained, pointing out that videos on Twitter show bathers touching these parts.

We encourage visitors to observe the dolphin from a distance if they see it“, he warned.


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