L214 now trains hotel school teachers in plant-based cuisine

For three years, L214 has been speaking to students from interested hotel schools with an animation entitled “ Booming plant-based cuisine “. Faced with a growing demand for interventions, the VegOresto Pro team at L214 now offers teachers the possibility of leading this module themselves with their students through online training.

Interested teachers can register, now, to follow a free, personalized and distance training, allowing them to acquire knowledge around vegetable cooking, and to transmit them to young people in kitchen training at bac pro level and BTS, or even to adults in retraining.

This distance learning complements the other modules offered to hotel schools. To date, L214’s VegOresto Pro team has supported more than 40 training establishments across France.

Content of distance learning

What are the reasons why the French plant their diet ? What are the different proteins of plant origin ? How to adapt to new consumption patterns ? How to transform your recipes ?

The answer to these questions is part of the training offered by Olivier Heraud, project manager VegOresto Pro, who drew on his professional experience (former pastry teacher and head of the food sector of an apprentice training center ) to carry out a whole pedagogical work.

Divided into three sequences, the training makes it possible to approach in class, with the students, a current cuisine which takes into account the consumption trends of our society. Teachers can follow the progress of the animation sequence by sequence, download and order the various tools offered free of charge. All educational materials are copyright free.

For Olivier Heraud, VegOresto Pro project manager: Plant-based cuisine is now a must. Most young chefs are aware of this and are curious to discover this new universe that is opening up to them. 34 % of French people say they are flexitarians, it is high time to introduce cooks to the realities they will face in the field. Young people who have had training will be better able to meet the expectations of an ever more attentive, responsible and gourmet clientele.

A fun and free educational exhibition

In addition to this distance learning, L214 offers an exhibition dedicated to plant-based cuisine, accompanied by a quiz to be completed during the visit. Young people thus discover in a playful way a universe they know little about.

This exhibition and the free interventions accompany future professionals, who appreciate the teachings of these media, as evidenced by the satisfaction rates (100 % for teachers, 97 % for the students).

The VegOresto Initiative

VegOresto is an initiative of the animal defense association L214, which invites chefs to add a vegan menu to their menu. In the four corners of France, a hundred volunteer ambassadors regularly challenge restaurateurs to cook a menu 100 % vegetable: an enriching experience in the kitchen, which is also a success with customers. Since January 2015, more than 700 chefs have taken up this challenge in more than 40 cities. To date, more than 3,200 catering establishments in France have signed the VegOresto charter, thus registering a 100 % perennial plant on their menu.

In 2022, on the strength of this expertise, L214 decided to extend its support to all companies wishing to develop their plant-based offer by launching VegOresto Pro. L214 is thus enriching its range of tools to support the greening of food in France: data on the plant-based market, directory of vegan products, contact with suppliers, training in plant-based cooking, turnkey recipes, advice of communication… Many free resources are made available to catering and agri-food professionals to develop a gourmet and accessible vegetable offer.

About L214
L214 is an association for the defense of animals. Since its inception in 2008, it has made public more than 100 investigations revealing the conditions of raising, transporting and slaughtering animals. These videos revealed the routine practices and dysfunctions of an industry that considers and treats animals as commodities.
With more than 50,000 members, followed by more than 750,000 people on Facebook, L214 has notably obtained the commitment of more than 180 companies to abandon eggs from hens raised in cages and the worst farming and slaughtering practices. chickens reared for their flesh and the creation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the conditions of animal slaughter. Actively participating in the democratic debate, L214 is regularly solicited by the media for its expertise, and calls for an end to the consumption of animals and other practices that harm them.

Illustration image: Tasting of products during an intervention at the Sainte-Anne vocational high school

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