Les Bleues, Mbappé, his future… Katoto confides before the Euro

Before the kick-off of Euro 2022 which will begin on July 10 against Italy for the France team, the scorers of the Blue, Marie-Antoinette Katoto, delivered this Thursday at the microphone of RMC Sport. From her ambitions for the European Championship to her still uncertain future at PSG, the 23-year-old striker hasn’t zapped any questions.

Marie-Antoinette is the beginning of the preparation. How are the legs?

It’s okay, we’re in good health. It’s sunny, we’re together. Everything is fine. The sessions at 7 a.m.? (Smile) It’s going to pull for a while. You have to cash it in.

This Euro seems very homogeneous…

Yes, it is a very open Euro. Anyone can win, anyone can lose. It shows that women’s football is progressing well. We are going to have a very nice Euro.

How are you approaching this first major competition with the A’s?

I am very calm, composed. I am preparing well. I fully trust my teammates, all the management. We have everything to enter the competition well. We are not going to put ourselves above what we are. We are in our place. We have our goals.

On a personal level, you want to go far, to score goals…

We all want to give the best of ourselves, to do well. We are calm. We are preparing well.

You are coming off your best season. Does it give you confidence?

I find it hard to realize. It’s true that it may be one of my best seasons, but football is always questioning. We always want more. I want to pass other courses. When you play football, there is pleasure, having fun. There are goals. I’m happy with the small capes that I manage to pass, always with the help of the teammates. It is super important to be well collectively.

Do you want to mark the history of your discipline?

No, my only desire is to play football. The rest, if it comes it’s fine, if it doesn’t… I’m very happy to play football, my passion.

How do you live the comparisons with Kylian Mbappé, especially on precocity?

It makes me laugh… We have known each other since childhood with Kylian. He is a very great player. I have seen it evolve. I am very happy. He will improve a lot. He is not at the end. I wish him all the best. He really is a champ. As for the comparison, it is normal. Kylian makes people talk. We had a very good training at the INF Clairefontaine with Mr. Prêcheur who trained us well, taught us the basics well. We have kept all that and we have been able to progress from year to year.

You are out of contract with PSG. Do you want the club to put you at the center of the project?

I have understood that over the years. Are they really ready to do this? It’s up to them, it’s up to them to decide. I have always wanted the good of Paris Saint-Germain even if some may think it is as if or so. I always want the happiness of my teammates, the staff, the employees. Many employees said to me: “thank you Marie.” I also thank my relatives because it was very complicated. I am a very patient woman but frankly it was hard to wait. Afterwards, whatever happens, I will play football. I will be happy. It’s still football, don’t forget that. It’s part of life.

For you, is this the key moment?

It’s now or never. It has been ten years since the Qataris arrived. If after ten years it doesn’t work, there is something that needs to be changed. You have to question yourself, evolve. That’s all I wish for PSG, which is a great club. Who has it all.

Many things depend on you. How do you live with this?

If I had been asked the question 3-4 years ago, I would have answered that it is difficult. Now, what matters is the ground, the green rectangle above all. The rest will come naturally.

The priority is the club?

I am Parisian until June 30. So far it’s not moving.

Does this disturb you in your preparation?

No. We are good, we have a good laugh. They (his partners) also want to know, what is normal. I’m not ashamed to tell them about it. I communicate with them. I spoke more here than at my own club (laughs).

How is your relationship with Corinne Deacon?

I feel like she’s the same with all the girls. There are more approaches. We naturally come to her a lot more. We have made progress in both directions. Everyone is as they are but in any case it is beneficial.

Is it time to win for the France team?

There are three competitions in a row (Euro 2022, World Cup 2023, Olympics 2024). I hope that the France team will win one of these three competitions.

Interview by Anthony Rech

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