Life insurance: what costs should be expected?

Et thanks to Sicavonline, you will be able to take advantage of very advantageous life insurance in terms of entry fees, payment, management, and more. However, like any investment, investing in Sicavonline life insurance can present risks and disadvantages. We recommend that you take them into account before you start.

Discover all this in detail and why not finally get started during this year 2022?

Meet Sicavonline

Sicavonline is an online broker specializing in financial products.

Sicavonline also offers two life insurance contracts: a collective life insurance contract and an individual life insurance contract.

You can be advised by investment experts and benefit from a personal and secure management space.

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Why take out life insurance with Sicavonline?

Sicavoline offers you the choice between two types of life insurance contracts. Depending on your personal situation, your needs and expectations, find the insurance contract that suits you.

With the KOMPOZ collective contract, Sicavonline allows you to subscribe to one of the cheapest life insurance policies on the market. The costs inherent in your contract depend on the choice of your investments and your contract will remain flexible throughout the life of the contract. With 0% entry fees, 0% payment fees and arbitration fees up to a limit of 15 per calendar year, you are opting for a life insurance contract with more than 700 financial supports and more than 20 real estate supports. The ideal solution to diversify your savings while taking advantage of attractive rates.

The Futura Vie contract is an individual life insurance contract with more than 10 real estate supports in order to diversify your savings. The contract is that of a recognized insurer, Oradéa Vie, a 100% subsidiary of SOGECAP, Société Générale group.

The detailed costs of your life insurance

If life insurance is an advantageous savings solution, be careful, because some insurers may charge you high fees for certain operations. Sicavonline is one of the intermediaries offering one of the cheapest contracts on the market. Find out now about all the costs associated with taking out a contract with your online broker.

Entrance fees:

Also called application fees or membership fees, they are only to be paid when you take out your life insurance contract. The amount of these entrance fees varies according to the establishments. This is the case of Sicavonline which will not charge you these entry fees.

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The initial investment amount:

Precisely, at Sicavonline, if the entry fees are offered to you, you will however have to make a first payment of 500€. Take advantage of the setting up of regular payments and save on the initial investment amount reduced to just €100 on the KOMPOZ life insurance policy.

Payment fees:

By subscribing to life insurance, you will generally have to plan for costs when making your payments; these fees correspond to a percentage of the amount paid, bearing in mind that French legislation provides for a maximum amount of 5% per year for these payment fees.

However, there are various establishments that do not take a percentage of these payments. And this is the case of Sicavonline, through which you can freely make your payments without worrying about having additional costs to pay.

The costs of managing your contract:

On the KOMPOZ life insurance contract, management fees amount to 0.50% to 0.85% per year and only 0.45% if you have planned to make regular payments and manage your contract yourself in being on a 100% unit-linked allocation. On average, in other establishments, these management fees amount to between 0.50% and 1% of outstandings.

These costs can obviously vary from one insurance to another. A comparison is to be made, because according to the establishments, some will take you a higher percentage for the subscription of a life insurance contract in euros funds than in units of account, and other establishments will do the opposite.

KOMPOZ: an offer for new members

Until December 31, 2022, for any subscription to the KOMPOZ life insurance contract, up to €200 in gift vouchers are offered to you under conditions **

Take advantage of the KOMPOZ offer

Arbitration fees:

These arbitration fees will be deducted from you if you change the nature of your assets; for example, if you sell units of one fund to buy units of a second fund.

Arbitration fees correspond to a percentage of the amount arbitrated (between 0.50% and 1%), but some financial institutions operate on a flat rate basis with an amount billed for each modification. On the KOMPOZ life insurance contract, rest assured about the first 15 modifications of each of the years of life of your contract. Beyond these 15 changes (per year), you will however be charged 1% of the amount arbitrated.

Other costs are also to be taken into account such as the costs of annuity arrears, in the case of its implementation if desired, levied on each annuity paid by the insurer to the beneficiary of the annuity due under the contract. life insurance.

Units of account may also bear management fees which are levied by the management companies that manage the assets of these supports.

Exit fees:

The contracts offered by Sicavonline do not charge you any fees if you decide to redeem all or part of the capital of your life insurance contract. However, some insurers may charge you exit fees if you decide to close your contract in order to recover your savings.

Finally, be aware that some insurers, however, commit you to a minimum subscription period, and that they may therefore claim costs from you in the event of non-compliance with this duration commitment.

Sicavonline, two life insurance policies

With Sicavonline, you will have the choice between 2 different life insurance contracts: Kompoz and Futura Vie. Here is a quick overview of the main elements of these 2 types of contracts offered by Sicavonline:

    It is a collective and flexible contract that is one of the cheapest available. A very low initial payment, low management fees, payments, membership, all variable, but also, a zero percentage on entry fees, arbitration, and various management methods offered.
    More than 700 units of account, 20 real estate supports and more than 40 ETF supports as well as a selection of structured products. More than 130 live securities, 2 investment capital vehicles, this is an ideal life insurance product if you are looking to save.
  • Future life:
    It is a life insurance contract with more than 10 real estate supports in order to be able to diversify your savings. If Kompoz is collective, Futura life is an individual contract with a slightly higher initial payment.

However, it only has a little over 200 units of account, more than 15 ETF supports and does not offer you structured product supports, nor very lively supports or private equity supports. The various costs remain interesting, but they are mostly fixed, unlike the KOMPOZ contract. Here again, different management modes are available to you, such as free management or the possibility of delegating*.

KOMPOZ: an offer for new members

Until December 31, 2022, for any subscription to the KOMPOZ life insurance contract, up to €200 in gift vouchers are offered to you under conditions **

Take advantage of the KOMPOZ offer

Sicavonline is at your disposal for any additional questions or to guide you towards the choice best suited to your situation and your savings objective. Online form, phone or email, contact them and let the experts guide you. So, ready to save in 2022?

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The desire for a better return is accompanied by risk taking, unit-linked supports present a risk of capital loss. The amounts invested in units of account are not guaranteed; they are subject to upward or downward fluctuations depending in particular on the evolution of the financial markets. It is reminded that past performance does not prejudge future performance.

In some cases, the insurer may be unable to invest or disinvest certain units of account. In accordance with the regulations, it may therefore be required to temporarily suspend or restrict certain operations on the contract.

Life insurance contracts are long-term products, they must be taken out taking into account each personal situation, the objectives pursued and the planned holding period.

The insurance contract is a product that can be difficult to understand.

**Valid only for any first subscription to the KOMPOZ life insurance contract before 31/12/2022 inclusive.

€100 multi-brand gift voucher for a minimum down payment of €5,000.

€200 multi-brand gift voucher for a minimum down payment of €10,000.

This offer, subject to conditions, is only valid for any first subscription to the KOMPOZ life insurance contract within the limit of the available envelope, carried out before 31/12/2022 inclusive, and should not be decisive in your choice of ‘investment.

The gift voucher will be sent by email to the customer, to the email address provided when joining, three months after joining the KOMPOZ contract, provided that joining the KOMPOZ contract is still in progress at this time.

Offer limited to subscription to the KOMPOZ contract.

Non-contractual information of an advertising nature. July 2022

KOMPOZ is a collective life insurance policy insured by Ageas France and marketed by Sicavonline, as an insurance broker. The subscriber of the KOMPOZ contract is the Personaliz Epargne Digitale association, become a member of the association and join the KOMPOZ contract.

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Futura Vie is a multi-support type individual life insurance policy insured by ORADEA VIE and marketed by Sicavonline, as an insurance broker, registered with ORIAS under number 18001256,
ORADÉA VIE, limited liability life insurance and capitalization company with capital of EUR 26,704,256.
Company governed by the insurance code 430 435 669 RCS NANTERRE.
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