Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Michel Platini… These football namesakes

In everyday life, homonyms are not uncommon. Football is no exception to the rule. Some football leaders have a player with the same full surname. Often, he has a less extensive career. Non-exhaustive overview of footballers with the same name.

Luis Suarez

It is the namesake who has returned to the front of the stage in recent days. With great fanfare, OM announced that they had reached an agreement in principle to recruit Luis Suarez, before formalizing his recruitment for the next 5 seasons. The OM supporters inevitably thought, at first, of the Uruguayan, player of Atletico Madrid.

He is actually a Colombian, a member of the Granada club last season. Admittedly, both are attackers, but the clubs frequented are not of the same bill. Perhaps OM will allow Luis Suarez to take a long-awaited step, to catch up with his illustrious namesake in terms of standing. Especially since time plays in his favor for the Colombian (24 years old, against 35 for the Uruguayan).

Lionel Messi

Claiming that Lionel Messi is the only alien on this earth playing football is false. For the good reason that there are two Lionel Messi.

It must not be easy every day to have the same surname as one of the superstars of world football. Moreover, the Cameroonian Lionel Messi had expressed himself on this subject in the columns of the Team, last December. “In college, people came to see me at recess: “Your name is really Lionel Messi? You’re lying… It’s not possible, you changed your name! “I had to prove it to them by showing them my identity card,” he says, a bit disillusioned.

Lionel Messi has a Cameroonian namesake. | PHOTO: KAZUHIRO NOGI / AFP

Of course, the comparison between the two Lionel Messi stops at the last name. One plays at PSG, the other played at Toulouse Rodeo (R1) last season. The Argentinian also has seven Ballons d’Or, when the Cameroonian has zero.

In parallel with football, Lionel Messi Nyamsi, by his full name, was even forced to work to stay the course. “I did catering, cleaning… to tell you how complicated it was. » The two Lionel Messis are definitely only brought together by their surname.


They practice the same sport, but not the same discipline. Radamel Falcao, Colombian, plays classic football. Falcao, Brazilian, plays Futsal, a derivative of football played indoors, on a handball court.

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The two Falcao have a completely honorable career. The Colombian has made a large majority of his career in Europe playing in prestigious clubs such as Atletico Madrid or Porto. Today, his career is running out of steam. He plays in La Liga, at Rayo Vallecano. His age (36 years old) partly explains it. At the height of his career, Radamel Falcao was even ranked 5th in the 2012 Ballon d’Or rankings.

The second Falcao, who is actually called Alessandro Rosa Vieira, shone in Futsal. He was voted best player in the world four times (2004, 2006, 2011 and 2012). The Brazilian also won two World Cups (2008 and 2012).

Michael Platini

The illustrious glory of French football is not alone. Michel Platini also exists in Brazil. However, he is not from the same generation as the triple Ballon d’Or, since he was born in 1983, against 1955 for the Habs.

If the French Platini managed to win prestigious competitions such as the Euro (1984) or the Cup of champion clubs (1985), the Brazilian Platini shone much less. At best, he will have played at CSK Sofia (Bulgaria). Nothing very crunchy to put in your mouth.

Patrick Vieira

Once again, a Brazilian takes the surname of a Frenchman. The Patrick Vieira of South America does not equal the Patrick Vieira of Europe either. The list of winners plummeted from a 1998 world champion title to… 4 small Copa América matches played.

Patrick Vieira has a much better track record than his namesake. | PHOTO: MARTIN KEEP / AFP

Worse, the Brazilian has only very rarely played outside the borders of his country. Only a small loan in Japan, in Yokohama, and a season in Egypt, in Ismaily, are to be noted. Conversely, the Habs have always played outside the borders of France, except for their first professional seasons, performed at AS Cannes (1993-1995).

The two Vieiras are definitely not going at the same speed since Patrick is a Crystal Palace coach, when… Patrick is still playing. Patrick is therefore not waiting for Patrick.

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