Livret A, life insurance or PEA: where to invest your savings? The example of Fortuneo

It’s not just the Livret A to place your money in the bank. Establishments like Fortuneo offer other solutions, and they can be more profitable.

If Fortuneo is considered one of the best online banks, it is not simply thanks to its low rates or its free bank cards (under conditions). It is also because the banking establishment has diversified and accessible banking products, which go beyond the simple current account.

Between booklet A, LDDS, life insurance or PEA, there is plenty to diversify your investments at Fortuneo. Each of these products has its advantages and disadvantages, and with very different objectives. We take stock.

Savings books, for savings always availables

Building up precautionary savings as soon as possible is one of the top priorities when you start working. This small savings is first used to respond to everyday emergencies: car breakdown, broken computer, hot water tank in the harbor, etc. The money must then be available immediately, and this is precisely what savings books allow.

In total, Fortuneo offers 4 booklets:

  • the essential booklet A and its remuneration at 1%;
  • the LDDS, which also counts on a remuneration of 1%;
  • the booklet + with a rate of 0.5%;
  • and the booklet + for those under 18, at 1%.

These rates are in effect on 01/04/2022 and are subject to change.

You can open and view your booklets from the Fortuneo application // Source: Fortuneo

The advantage of these booklets is that they are risk-free. The remuneration is guaranteed, and you do not risk losing money if the financial markets fall. The money available on these booklets is also available immediately. A simple bank transfer from the mobile application allows you to take advantage of it in a second.

The procedures to open these booklets are extremely simple and only take a few clicks from the Fortuneo site. You don’t even need to reach a call center agent.

Life insurance, to seek to grow your savings

Your savings can also qualify for potentially more profitable rates, especially if you have longer-term projects. For this, Fortuneo offers a well-known product: life insurance. It is available in two management modes at Fortuneo.

First there is life insurance with free management, recommended for people wishing to manage their investments themselves. With free management, you choose yourself in what to invest among more than 200 very varied investment vehicles, presenting a risk of capital loss in line with your investor profile: euro funds, unit-linked funds, ETFs, SCPI¹, etc.

If these terms mean nothing to you, the Fortuneo Vie* life insurance policy also offers managed management. With discretionary management, you delegate the selection of investment vehicles to experts based on your project, your investor profile and your risk appetite.

In 2021, the net and annualized performances of the management profiles under the arbitrage mandate² were measured between 3.66% (for the moderate formula) and 8.7% (for the dynamic formula). However, it should be noted that past performance is not indicative of future performance, and that any investment involves the risk of capital loss.

The 2021 performance of the different life insurance profiles managed by Fortuneo // Source: Fortuneo
The 2021 performance of the different life insurance profiles managed by Fortuneo // Source: Fortuneo

Life insurance has many advantages. There is no maximum payment ceiling, taxation is advantageous after 8 years³, and the funds that make it up are accessible at any time. Especially since there are no membership or exit fees⁴.

Securities account and PEA, to invest directly in the stock market

Securities accounts and PEAs are the ideal products for investing directly in the financial markets. These products are mainly reserved for connoisseurs, those who do not fear seeing the value of their investment fall in the event of market disruption.

Here, it is up to you to choose on which media you wish to invest. Fortuneo even offers free access to a trading platform available on PC, Mac and Linux: Live Trader.

While the PEA only allows you to invest in European shares, the securities account gives you access to shares from all over the world. On the other hand, it is the PEA which offers the most advantageous taxation ³.

Fortuneo: the full range of products to manage your money

Already recognized for the quality of its low-cost banking services, Fortuneo is also a first-choice bank to invest your money. The establishment offers a multitude of supports, which are suitable for both precautionary savings and long-term investments.

Above all, Fortuneo allows everyone to manage their money simply from the mobile application or the website. You will not need to go through a teleconsultant, a service sometimes paid for by some other establishments.

Until June 30, 2022, 60 euros are offered for any first opening or first transfer of a PEA, CTO (securities account) or a PEA-SME under conditions. To take advantage of this, an initial payment of 100 euros is required when opening an account. For an account transfer, 100 euros of outstandings are then necessary.

  • (1) Units of account do not guarantee the paid-in capital and are subject to upward and downward fluctuations in the financial markets. Real estate supports, for their part, are subject in particular to economic activity and to variations in the real estate markets. They do not include any guarantee, neither of capital nor of performance. Before selecting any investment medium and in order to know in detail the risks to which this medium is exposed, we recommend that you read the Key Investor Information Document(s) (KIID), or, where applicable, the detailed note, or, depending on the medium, its additional presentation appendix, all of these elements being available for consultation on and/or on the website of the Management Company mentioned.
  • (2) Performance of mandates in 2021, i.e. from 01.01.2021 to 31.12.2021, net of annual contract management fees and fees related to discretionary management, and excluding social and tax deductions.
  • (3) Taxation in force on 01.01.2022, subject to change.
  • (4) Excluding specific fees related to SCPIs, SCIs, OPCIs and ETFs. For other costs, see the Fortuneo Vie policy notice available at

Fortuneo Vie is a multi-support type group life insurance contract managed by Suravenir, a company governed by the Insurance Code and distributed by Fortuneo. The Fortuneo Life contract key information document contains the essential information of this contract. This document is available on, from Suravenir or by visiting the website.

Fortuneo is a trademark of Arkéa Direct Bank. Arkéa Direct Bank, Société Anonyme with a Management Board and Supervisory Board with capital of 89,198,952 euros. RCS Nanterre 384 288 890. Head office: Tour Ariane – 5, place de la Pyramide 92088 Paris La Défense. Insurance broker no. ORIAS 07 008 441 – Postal address: FORTUNEO – TSA 41707 – 35917 RENNES CEDEX 9.

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