Love at first sight between a Cane Corso dog weighing 59 kilos and a kitten weighing 200 grams! (video)

We will never tire of interspecies friendships! On TikTok, a video revealing the touching relationship between a kitten and a large dog went viral at the end of 2021.

TikTok ? It is the popular social network. Many videos are published every day. Some feature cats, dogs and other adorable creatures. On October 28, 2021, Newsweek devoted an article to the account Norm the House Hippo “. The 78,000 subscribers daily discover fragments of the life of Standarda Carne Corso, and members of his family.

One of the clips has racked up 9 million views and 2 million likes since it was uploaded last year. Why such enthusiasm for 18 small seconds of images? Quite simply because we have the pleasure of contemplating the birth of a beautiful friendship!


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An explosion of tenderness

In the video in question, the Cane Corso is lying on the ground in front of an adorable kitten with a tabby coat. From the height of its 59 kg, the huge dog looks at the tiny ball of hair of barely 20 g with great kindness and love.

Since posting, more clips featuring the duo have been shared. We can see in particular Standard take care of the young feline, as if he considered him a full member of the family. Sessions of teasing and games are on the agenda!


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“They must not be separated”

It’s Norm’s baby now. They should not be separated “, Estimated a user of TikTok.


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The dog’s owner, who set up a foster family for an association, picked up the kitten after it was left ” almost for dead in a box “. Within this loving home, the survivor responding to the name of sonic recovered and managed to move forward with the help of its benefactors. After going through this terrible ordeal, the little feline discovered love with a capital “A”, as well as security.

Given the special relationship that the 2 animals have had since their 1time meeting, the volunteer seriously considered keeping him by her side forever…


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