Management, taste for performance, work force… immersed in the Luis Campos method (2/2)

After two successful experiences in France, the Portuguese arrives at PSG with his methods in various fields related to the sports sector. Goal interviewed those who know him to decipher his mode of operation.

Luis Campos did not wait to be formalized to get to work. Officially appointed PSG sports adviser since last Friday, the Portuguese (57) has already been active behind the scenes for several weeks to carry out his first Parisian work. In addition to the very media-friendly site of the arrival (on track) of Christophe Galtier as coach, the former manager of Lille and Monaco is obviously active on the transfer window and on aspects that are not very tangible for the general public, linked to the performance. With an identical methodology and principles depending on the clubs in which he passes. And a word that characterizes him and comes up in the mouths of relatives and acquaintances that we interviewed: “requirement”. In this second episode, goal deciphers the work force of Luis Campos and his methods to optimize performance.


The general public is especially familiar with this function of recruiter. Few the rest. ” Scouting is 20% of his work, the rest of his work is dedicated to anything that can improve performance,” points out a relative. This does not mean that Campos decides everything, all by himself. On the contrary, the man listens to his coach but also to the various club departments that can have an impact on the athlete.

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From these exchanges, the new PSG sports adviser often draws conclusions in order to optimize performance. In the North, rooms had been set up in Luchin so that the players could sleep there at the request of Marcelo Bielsa. The following year, he set up the CAJ (Player Support Unit) made up of 4 people available 24 hours a day for players and their families in order to facilitate their integration and focus solely on football.

Luis Campos

And even when everything is going well, the Portuguese challenges his system, his organization and finds ways to do better. In Lille, when the club had just finished second in L1, it had brought about many changes: a sports coordinator had been hired and the medical unit optimized.

The year we are champions, the calendar is busy and therefore different because of the Covid. This caused a certain number of problems in terms of the physical management of the players and we anticipated upstream with the creation of a high performance cellsays a witness of the time who underlines the importance of the technical and human resources deployed. Result: we had very few injuries, very few cases of Covid because we did prevention and recovery work and we had the human resources. There has also been work to maximize recovery time on trips. In fact, a whole sum of details that brings results. »

Campos is a maniac, an obsessive, who likes everything to be done to the comma ready and that everyone is as invested as him. Some will say that he wants to control everything, others specify that his will and that the organization put in place is respected. ” For him, the devil is in the details “says a connoisseur. Communication and marketing can also be its areas of intervention. Among the Mastiffs, the year of the title, “ if only to take the official photo, it was complicatedremembers a member of the club. As there were a lot of matches, the group should not be disturbed. It will also not allow marketing activations at any time. »

At PSG, everyone should quickly perceive the change. Wherever he went, Luis Campos got into the habit at the start of the season of bringing together all the services directly or indirectly related to performance, in the company of the players. ” In front of everyone, he presents the person in charge of the medical, that of the communication, the members of the staff and others, we explain in his entourage. So everything is clear for athletes who can identify all the people who will help them in their performance “.

GER ONLY Luis Campos

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A dinner in mind with Luis Campos? Those who had the opportunity to share a meal with him ended up alone, while the new PSG sports adviser made a series of phone calls and ended up eating cold. His phone rings all day and he answers it (not all the time) from early in the morning until late at night. Easy, when you only sleep 4 hours a night. “When he is on a mission there is no time, the WhatsApp is always on from 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. “says one of those who is alone at the table.

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At 57, the Portuguese is always at the bottom, tries to answer all the people who ask him in order to obtain as much information as possible on the players and their entourage. Since his arrival in Paris, he has been juggling between negotiations for the arrival of Vitinha and Renato Sanches, making appointments to tell certain Parisian elements that they had better find a way out.

Without forgetting contacts with entourages to express the interest of PSG. If for the moment, few names have filtered or only appear when the deals seem advanced, it is also because Luis Campos is a discreet man. In the three weeks that he has been actively working for PSG, no photos of him have appeared and information about his movements is often inaccurate.

This work force is not only put to good use during the transfer window. It must be felt in the organization put in place and when he is present at the club. ” He is demanding on the daily investment of the players, on their work intensity, their discipline, their work outside because he tries to set an example through his investment. He is the engine of the organization “, deciphers a collaborator, who adds. ” When you want to work with him, he warns you: ”being by my side is not easy…” »


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