Mantaise Nations Cup: Algeria win against Morocco

A major event for Mantais football fans. On June 18, for the final of the third edition of the Mantes Nations Cup, the Jean-Paul David stadium, located in the Val Fourré district, in Mantes-la-Jolie, was particularly crowded. Opposed to Morocco, Algeria won with a score of one goal to zero. Throughout the meeting, the supporters of the two camps did not hesitate to give voice to encourage the amateur players.

“The Nations Cup in Mantes-la-Jolie is a very important event every year,” says Mehdi, an Algerian supporter. This brings everyone together, all the people who live in Mantes and the surrounding area, from all backgrounds. There is a mix of these cultures during this Nations Cup which is magnificent. It’s an important event because we all come together. His opinion is also shared by Mohamed, who came to encourage the Moroccan team. “This tournament allows us to party together. It’s very important to get together and have a good time around football,” he said.

His words delighted the organizer of the event, Saidou Dia, who insisted on the fact that the main objective of the Mantaise Nations Cup is to “bring people together”. According to him, each edition of the event, which requires many partners, is prepared “six, seven months or even a year in advance”. Regarding the poster for the 2022 final, which he does not wish to make a prediction, he confides: “It is a very beautiful poster between Algeria and Morocco. We know that there will be entertainment on the pitch but also in the stands. »

In the first half, the chances of goals for the Moroccan players were particularly numerous but it was finally Algeria who, in the second half, scored the one and only goal of the final.

And the show, there actually was. In the first period, the chances of goals for the Moroccan players are particularly numerous but it is finally Algeria which, in the second half, scores the one and only goal of the match which did not fail to cause scenes of jubilation among Algerian supporters. At the final whistle, they invaded the field to celebrate this victory with the players.

In addition to the quality of the meeting offered by the players of the two teams, the match also took place in the stands of the stadium where the supporters of the two camps competed, throughout the meeting, to make themselves heard as much as possible. Flags, banners, fireworks, songs and smoke were also part of the event. In the second half, for a few minutes, some tensions nevertheless arose between the supporters of the two camps before a return to calm.

Portugal finish in third place

The match for third place in the Mantaise Nations Cup also took place on June 18, at the Jean-Paul David stadium, ahead of the final. The match, disputed in very hot weather, pitted Portugal against Ghana. The suspense was at its height throughout the meeting.

After Portugal opened the scoring, Ghana came back into the match by equalizing. The Ghanaian players even took over the Portuguese team by scoring a second goal. A penalty awarded in his favor finally allowed Portugal to believe in victory again. This is all the more true as the Portuguese also scored a third goal. They were nevertheless left surprised during the last minutes by the Ghanaians who equalized. The match ended in a penalty shootout where Portugal won.

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