Marco Verratti criticizes the club’s strategy –

Like the draw against Troyes (2-2) and despite the tenth title of champion of France, the PSG season is a failure. Marco Verratti has identified the reasons. Clear. More

Verratti’s acknowledgment of failure

PSG won the 2021-2022 French championship, its tenth Ligue 1 title. But no one, not even Marco Verratti, has any illusions. This season is a failure. The balance sheet in the Championship has often masked mixed performances and the pot literally exploded in a few minutes in Madrid. The Italian community points the finger at this perpetual contentment, responsible for many Parisian ills.

We fought against Madrid by doing 150 minutes very well. We win the Championship, that’s good. But you have to give everything together to have no more regrets. We have had more difficult situations than this year. […] I think the match in Madrid, he killed us like the fans.

Marco Verratti at the microphone of Prime Video

In Madrid, Verratti and his teammates took a big slap. (Icon Sports)

According to Marco Verratti, the club’s mental shortcomings are due to the instability of the squad: ” In difficult times, we could be better off. It was a tough season, at the beginning it was very tough and we won the matches towards the end. It is true that we have changed the workforce a lot. It’s not an excuse, but it’s the truth. It’s hard to create a big band when you change a lot.

Always the same mistakes

At PSG for ten years, little owl is perhaps the only player on whom the capital club has bet on the duration. He is the best witness to a strategy that is still being sought. Attracting big names is good. Building a team is better. Marco Verratti regrets the lack of automation within the Parisian workforce.

We hardly trained together, I have the impression that the first six months passed quickly without us playing together. Between the selection trips, the injuries, it was very difficult.

Marco Verratti at the microphone of Prime Video

Eliminated in the knockout stages of the Champions League and quiet in the league, PSG could have taken advantage of an end of the season without a stake to test devices, bring young people into play, have fun… Except that no. Mauricio Pochettino always aligns a standard team without the slightest risk. And the height is that the benefits are always sluggish. Like the draw against Troyes (2-2). For Marco Verratti, it’s a shame.

I think these are games where you have to have fun. Having fun means winning and playing well, like a team. We are at a very quiet moment in the season, we have no pressure and that’s why we have to have fun.

Marco Verratti at the microphone of Prime Video

And now ?

The Italian midfielder would like him and his teammates to take advantage of the context to have more fun. History of learning from certain mistakes. To put themselves in the best mental state for next season: “ When you are free in your head, you can take pleasure. We are coming to the end of the season and we always come out of matches being pissed off. It’s not the thing you dream of at the end of the season, especially when you’re already a champion.

Who knows, the 2022-2023 season may finally be the right one in Paris. Marco Verratti necessarily believes in it, given the immense potential of this squad: “ I honestly think we could do a lot better. Especially as a team.

This summer, Paris Saint-Germain will begin yet another questioning of its strategy. The best player in the squad, Kylian Mbappé, has a good chance of jumping ship. The coach should be thrown overboard. In the capital, Mauricio Pochettino is criticized for not having succeeded in transforming a pile of individuals into a team. The Argentinian certainly has faults, but it is difficult to imagine his successor not coming up against the same wall without a radical change of course. Stability will not be in midfield. Marco Verratti should still see changes around him, with new rumors all over the place (Pogba, Tchouaméni, de Jong). It promises !

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