NBA Draft – What place for FR nugget Ousmane Dieng (and the other French people)?

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A few hours before the big ceremony, 4 young French prospects can legitimately dream of landing in the NBA during the Draft, this Thursday. In what positions, and by extension in which franchises could they end up? Overview.

Last year, only Juhann Begarin had the privilege of hearing his name called during the big night. Selected by the Celtics in 45th place in the 2021 Draft, the 19-year-old French rear however did not play a single minute in the NBA, preferring to continue his progress in the ranks of Paris Basket. This year, some of his compatriots should however indeed settle across the Atlantic.

They are indeed four young tricolor players to apply for a place in the league, this Thursday, on the occasion of the great annual lottery. And while Ismaël Kamagate, Hugo Besson and Moussa Diabaté are announced in the second round, Ousmane Dieng has a much better rating with US scouts. Summary of their respective situations, and the teams that could offer them their chance in a few hours:

Ousmane Dieng – #14 (Cleveland Cavaliers)

19 years old, 2m10, skills and ease of movement worthy of a guard: Dieng has all the qualities to make the league salivate. Invited to the famous Green Room, generally reserved for future lottery picks, the French winger should, barring disaster, be part of the Top 14 of the Draft. Supposedly appreciated by Cleveland, he could even climb to 8th position in view of the latest rumors, which indicate a promise from the Pelicans to select him.

Ishmael Kamagate – #34 (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Like his teammate Juhann Begarin, Ishmael Kamagate should also get his place in the NBA. A mobile big man and a solid defender, he continues to progress in the projections of the experts. Some even go so far as to announce it in the first round. However, the most likely scenario remains a selection at the start of the second, where he could notably be chosen by the Thunder. A perfect destination to scratch minutes from its rookie season, and continue to improve in a young roster.

Hugo Besson – #46 (Portland Trail Blazers)

Partner of Ousmane Dieng in recent months at the New Zealand Breakers, Hugo Besson has greatly illustrated. Despite this, his rather frail build does not necessarily seem to appeal to scouts. Some of them should nevertheless be tempted by the idea of ​​luring him into their nets, like those of the Blazers, with whom he did a workout just a few hours ago. The influence of a mentor like Damian Lillard would then not be negligible on the spot.

Moussa Diabate – #53 (Boston Celtics)

Not necessarily the most publicized of the tricolor clan, Moussa Diabaté could however become embedded in the second round. He, who spent a large part of his schooling in the United States, made a name for himself on the side of Michigan last year. Starter at the Wolverines, this rather thin and mobile interior (2m11, 95 kilos) has enough to generate interest in the NBA, if only thanks to its versatility in defense. Somewhat featherless in the racket, the Celtics could notably look into his case.

In addition to the immense potential Ousmane Dieng, and his place as lottery pick almost assured, Ismaël Kamagate, Hugo Besson and Moussa Diabate could come to fill the ranks of the league this Thursday. In any case, that’s all the French public can wish for them!

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