NBA – Stephen Curry, the crowning of one of the greatest in history

While the buzzer will sound, putting an end to superb NBA finals concluded by a new coronation of the Warriors, tears and laughter mix at Stephen Curry. He hides his face and wipes his tears with his jersey. He is holding his fourth champion ring. And this one is perhaps even more special than the previous ones. A multitude of different emotions run through the superstar. Joy, of course. A euphoric happiness to lose words in front of the microphones strained to collect his impressions.
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The excitement of returning to the top, four years after Golden State’s last title. Relief too, no doubt. Probably even a feeling of revenge. Because three seasons back, the Californian franchise finished with the worst record in the entire league. Klay Thompson has been injured in quick succession. Kevin Durant packed his bags. Executives left. And this team so dominant between 2015 and 2019 has returned to the ranks. Some no longer wanted to believe in her and her hard core. Some didn’t want to believe in Curry anymore.


The Warriors in seventh heaven


It’s revenge because he won his first Finals MVP trophy there. He thus repairs an injustice – he should have already had it in 2015 – and silences for good those who repeated, wrongly, that he could not weigh in at this stage of the competition. The reward is deserved: he was by far the best player in this series. Two or three notches above everyone else. “Three times I see this trophy up close. This time, I’ll be able to bring it home“Says the interested party. His baskets at the end are symbolic of his domination over the Celtics, yet the best defense in the championship. Durant broke his teeth in the first round of the playoffs. Not him.

The Boston players were never able to slow him down and they were left unresolved. As in the last minutes of this Game 6, when he forced the “switches” to attack Al Horford before concluding near the circle. The smallest space was paid cash, either by a drive or by a three-point. Enough to destroy the last hopes of the public. He scored 13 of the Warriors’ 27 points in the fourth quarter. 13 of his 34 points this Friday evening. A new performance of high standing. He closes the series with 31.4 points – 8 more than Jaylen Brown – 48% on shots, 43% on three-pointers, 6 rebounds and 5 assists.

Stephen Curry, great among the greats

The percentages are absolutely unreal for a player who takes so many long shots. His three-pointers will remain his trademark, even if he actually represents much more. He is seen as the face of modern basketball and this revolution. However, it is reductive. Because his detractors only see him through that. Stephen Curry is in the shape of his life. Stronger, more solid, sharper, smarter and in better physical condition than he has ever been. This series shows that he could have dominated at any time in history, even if, honestly, he had absolutely no need to prove it. The Celtics tried to be tough on him. With the colossus Marcus Smart to mark him closely. He foiled all plans.

With his track record, he asserts himself a little more as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. A special man. “Steph reminds me so much of Tim Duncan. They are obviously two completely different players. But they are similar in talent, humanity, humility, confidence. A wonderful combination that makes everyone want to win for them. None of this would have happened without him. We had plenty of great players. But it all starts with Steph“, testifies Steve Kerr. He is not just the face of a change of era. He is the face of a dynasty. Of a franchise crowned four times in eight years. A magnificent champion.


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