New Google Play update available on Android: what’s new

Google has detailed the changes that come with the latest Google Play system update to Android mobiles.

Google has started rolling out the Google Play system update to Android devices around the world, while taking the opportunity to detail what’s new that comes with this new release for the month of September.

While some of the changes have already started hitting Android devices over the past few weeks, there are other exciting new features that aren’t available yet, but will be coming to users soon.

Among them we must stop at a new option that will allow us to check the installation status of applications on other devices associated with our own Google account, such as smart watches, televisions, tablets or other smartphones, from our mobile.

android update

A new system update is on the way to Android.

Google Play’s September update is now available to download

As usual, the update introduces changes to the main Google Play services available on Android devices, including the Store app, Google Wallet or the Play Protect security system.

In this sense, it is necessary to highlight the changes of platforms such as Wear OS, as well as the novelty that allows users to know if their passwords have been compromised.

The full list of changes is available below:

  • Account management
    • [Teléfono] Allows users to hide recommended apps during the Google Kids Space onboarding process.
    • [Auto, Teléfono, TV, Wear] Account synchronization and recovery improvements.
    • [Teléfono] Ability to install Google Kids Space on a secondary tablet user during device setup.
    • [Teléfono] Bug fixes for system administration and diagnostics, and utility-related services.
  • Google Play Store
    • New features to help you discover the apps and games you love.
    • Optimizations that allow faster and more reliable download and installation.
    • Ongoing improvements to Play Protect to protect your device.
    • Various performance optimizations, bug fixes, and security, stability, and accessibility improvements.
    • [Wear OS] With Play Store updates on the Wear OS homepage, users can experience a new content preview display that makes it easier to find recommended apps.
    • [Wear OS] When users install an app on their Wear OS device that requires a companion app, their mobile device automatically installs the companion app.
    • [Wear OS] New secondary menu that allows users to find recommended apps for their Wear OS, Android TV, or Android Auto devices from their Android phones.
    • [Teléfono] Learn more about Play’s top picks by expanding your results to see more app or game details right in the Play’s top picks module.
    • [Teléfono] Help users make better installation decisions with updates to app detail pages.
    • [Teléfono] Check the status of app installations that take place on other devices you own.
    • [Teléfono] Optimize menu navigation for large screens in landscape mode.
    • [Teléfono] Provide Google Play Protect device security information on the system security and privacy settings page on specific Android 13 devices.
  • Support
    • [Teléfono] Consumer education experience with Android 13.
  • Utilities
    • [Auto, Teléfono] Autofill will now notify users if their login credentials have been found in a public data breach.
  • Wallet
    • [Teléfono] Now you can get visual feedback when you lock, unlock or start your car with a digital car key.
    • [Wear OS] This feature allows you to add new payment methods to Google Pay in Japan.
    • [Teléfono] Activate the display of open circuit transport agencies in the list of tickets that can be purchased.
  • developer services
    • New developer features for Google and third-party app developers to support developer services related to account management, machine learning and AI, security, and privacy in your apps .
  • system management
    • Updates to system management services that improve device performance, device connectivity, network utilization, security, stability, and scalability.

In order to download and install the update, it is necessary to go to the “System information” section of the Settings application, and from there access the “Android version” section. Finally, just tap on “Google Play System Update” to check if new versions are available.

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