New in Lille. Discover the generous and affordable cuisine of the Voyages Gourmands restaurant

Open since September 8, 2022 near Lille-Flandres station, the Voyages Gourmands restaurant serves generous and affordable cuisine, from breakfast to afternoon tea. (©HM/Lille news)

This little address could well become your next neighborhood canteen. Since its opening on September 8, 2022, the Restaurant Voyages Gourmandsclose to the Lille-Flandres train stationoffers a family cooking, generous and affordable. Christophe, the chef, is teeming with ideas for serving tasty and colorful dishes. To discover in Weekfor the breakfast, lunch and snack.

An opening that was played out between Brittany and Lille

It’s the new kid on the block Molinel street, at number 13 precisely. Since September 8, a new restaurant opened its doors to Lille. At its head, Gilles Vienne and Christophe Le Bihan, two fifties from Paris who have traveled quite a bit throughout France. After having worked on their own, Gilles in events and Christophe as a chef, they decided to pool their skills to embark on a new project together.

Gilles and Christophe decided to put their suitcases in Lille to start a new adventure.
Gilles and Christophe decided to put their suitcases in Lille to start a new adventure. (©HM/Lille news)

As so often, it was the Covid period that served as the trigger. During confinement, Christophe continues to cook for others, despite the closure of his restaurant. “That’s when we understood that there would always be demand in the food trades. But I was much less certain about the return of events”, explains, for his part, Gilles.

The idea of ​​opening a restaurant is therefore launched, remains to be seen where. After hesitating for a long time with Brittany, where Christophe is from, it was finally Lille who won hands down. The duo, who already knew the capital of Flanders well, liked the “little Paris” aspect and the stunning architecture of Lille.

A cozy restaurant near the train station

After visiting several places, it is finally the one near the station that has their favors. They collect the keys in mid-July and take advantage of the summer to do the necessary work: readjust the kitchen and bring it up to standard, a brushstroke on the walls.

The decoration is not quite finished. “We kept the existing furniture but over time, the room will evolve to be more cocooning. We have already started to create a small cozy corner so that our customers feel at home”, explains Gilles.

The managers want to create a living space with a cozy spirit to welcome their customers.
The managers want to create a living space with a cozy spirit to welcome their customers. (©HM/Lille news)

In the four corners of the restaurant, there are nods to Brittany and the countries visited by the managers. In this space of 80 m² which can accommodate about thirty people, they hope to succeed in creating a “place to live, with a loyal clientele that we will end up knowing very well”. The walls of the establishments are thus available to their customers and/or acquaintances who would like to display their talents. “We can even organize openings. »

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An instinctive and generous cuisine

To build up a clientele of regulars, Christophe will use his culinary skills. “I make the menu in the evening for the next day. It depends on the weather, my mood and what I find on the Wazemmes market. I do according to what I have, that’s why I don’t know how to define my cuisine,” he explains.

His cuisine is both instinctive and generous, with a traditional base but revisited with small personal touches. It is also colorful and nicely presented, “but without fuss. There are only two of us at the restaurant so it has to go fast! »

As for dishes, you will find many savory pies, prepared with seasonal products, but also good portions of lasagna. “They will come back every week, that’s for sure. In Paris, I had clients who only came for that. »

Christophe also composes bowls with marinated raw tuna, chicken or in a vegetarian version. Served with a base of quinoa and lentils, carrot, red cabbage, edamame, mango and avocado, all seasoned with a homemade sauce, they have enjoyed some success since opening.

For desserts, it is still the pies that take pride of place. Mirabelle plums or figs for the fall. Without forgetting the chocolate cake, as well as the palets and Breton pound cakes. Like the dishes, the desserts can change every day.

The dessert buffet, for a gourmet touch after the meal or for a snack.
The dessert buffet, for a gourmet touch after the meal or for a snack. (©HM/Lille news)

Prices are affordable for 100% home cooking. Count around €15 for à la carte dishes, served with 3 to 4 different toppings. In formula with a good dessert, the bill will increase to 20€. The cheapest formula is the one at €15 for a slice of savory tart served with a salad, a small soup and a dessert. And 18€ for the bowl and the dessert.

The Voyages Gourmands restaurant welcomes you from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., at 13 rue du Molinel in Lille. To book: 03 28 45 93 20. More info on the establishment’s Instagram account.

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