New therapies improve survival prognosis for lung cancer patients

Hope for a cure remains possible today for a patient with stage 4 (metastasized) lung cancer. In the past, doctors considered the chance of recovery to be zero once the patient reached this phase. This progress stems from the implementation of new protocols in the treatment of the pathology.

the lung cancer, that is to say of the lung, is one of the most frequently detected cancers in France. The National Cancer Institute (Inca) identified 46,000 new cases/year four years earlier. This pathology is also the second most lethal type of cancer in women and the first in men. It totaled 30,000 deaths in 2018.

Radiotherapy and surgery remain the most popular treatments for patients detected at an early grade. This stage means that the tumor is located at a local level. It has therefore not yet invaded other parts of the body..

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The chances of recovery are amplified if the disease is treated early

This level 1 phase, with 60% survival at 5 years, constitutes an encouragement to strengthen screening. An examination that is supported by mutual health contracts. Treating the pathology early makes it possible to obtain better results. The director of the Curie Montsouris Thorax Institute, Pr Nicolas Girard, thinks that for this reason:

[…] The perception of the prognosis of lung cancer must change. […]

Nicolas Girard

The pulmonologist and oncologist believes that people will use screening more if they are informed of therapeutic advances. In France, some regions are currently testing a scanner screening vulnerable patients who have smoked for 25 years or more. The founder of the Patients in Network association, Laure Guéroult Accolas, comments:

We have to move to put this in place, we have to talk about it. […]

Laure Guéroult Accolas

Unlike the breast, for example, she points out, the tumor spreads stealthily in the lung:

[…] And when we have signs, that we spit blood, it is already very late.

Laure Guéroult Accolas

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Immunotherapy and targeted therapies extend life expectancy

The treatment of lung cancer has come a long way in recent years. So much so that today some people living with the metastasized stage of this disease can control it perfectly for 5-7 years.. A pulmonologist at the Cristolian CHI, Professor Christos Chouaid, highlighted this development on September 8, 2022. This during a round table organized by a pharmaceutical laboratory. The doctor described this breakthrough as fantastic. Life expectancy having been estimated, a decade earlier, at around 8 months.

This improvement was primarily made possible through two sets of treatment protocol innovations. One of these, theimmunotherapywas first used in 2015, after surprising findings in melanoma. This approach is based on stimulating the immune system to destroy cancer cells. To do this, it deactivates a form of protection with which they are equipped. According to Professor Nicolas Girard, immunotherapy has replaced chemotherapy as:

[…] Standard treatment in metastasized cancer.

Nicolas Girard

Another key innovation, the targeted therapies have seen their use extend since the end of the 2000s. They are known for their effectiveness in the care of certain patients whose tumor displays a weak point. This defect relates precisely to mutations at the level of a gene that are now always sought after during screenings.

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