New unemployment insurance reform: the unemployed/their culprits? –

Before initiating a new pension reform, the new Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt intends, like his predecessors, to also strongly undermine the already very weak rights and allowances of the unemployed.

Press release from Solidaires 21

September 14, 2022

Before initiating a new pension reform, the new Minister of Labor Olivier Dussopt intends, like his predecessors, to also strongly undermine the already very weak rights and allowances of the unemployed. However, the implementation of the previous unemployment insurance reform was barely a year old and had given rise to strong social and legal protest, forcing the government to postpone it and then to force it through.

Is the problem the unemployed or … the government ?

With again and again the same obsession: to make life impossible for the unemployed to supposedly encourage them to work. For the official and employers’ propaganda, the unemployed are twiddling their thumbs, the problem not being the lack of jobs and layoffs but the unemployed who do not want to work. Hence the shortage of labor in the sectors “ in tension », in building and catering for example. Obviously no one in the government, starting with the so-called Minister of full employment to discuss the excessively low wages, precarious contracts, atypical and incomplete schedules or rotten working conditions in these sectors. No minister to point out either that the better the salaries and working conditions, the better the chances of finding volunteers ! Let us recall on this subject that the government refuses to encourage employers to increase wages, not to mention the superprofits that it does not see and / or that should not be taxed….

end ofUNEDIC ?

With the key to a new passage in force: in 2019 the government had pretended to give a hand to the trade unions and employers’ organizations sitting on theUNEDIC to agree on unemployment insurance compensation rules. Except that he had set a very restrictive financial framework making it impossible to agree to any agreement except to reduce the allowances. Which then allowed him, under the pretext of the absence of an agreement, to cut as he pleased in the rights and allowances of the unemployed. This time he doesn’t even bother to go through the deal stage UNEDIC.

Based on the nationalization since 2018 of the resources of theUNEDIC following the replacement of employee contributions by taxes, in this case the CSGwhich gives him control, he announces that he will be content with “ consult the social partners » (that is to say without taking into account the opinions except those which arrange it) and will then decide all alone. It is therefore the end of the regime of theUNEDIC as it was set up in 1958, the management of unemployment and its compensation no longer being the responsibility of the representatives of the world of work but of the State in the name of the conduct of the policies of the employment, in fact to apply the capitalist logic.

Unemployment social punishment ?

This tipping point can therefore only delight the employers who no longer have to deal with the consequences of their actions, the unemployed person having always referred back to his responsibility “ individual as if he or she was responsible for his or her situation. Moreover, the measures announced by Dussopt are only the translation of this capitalist vision: extension for everyone of the length of time worked necessary to open rights to unemployment benefit, over a shortened period. Modulation of the amount of allowances according to the job market situation (while the Canadian system on which these measures are based has largely shown its limits). As if employees had control and responsibility for their working time or the duration of their contracts ! The goal is above all to make them pay for their refusal to occupy precarious jobs, underpaid with rotten working conditions, therefore in fact both to reduce the rights of the unemployed and to make precarious and break the rights of workers. its in operation.

RSA conditioning or the return of slavery…

The same applies to the test project for conditioning the payment of the RSA the amount of which is however already very insufficient (€598 for a single person) for the obligation to work hours. Employers will therefore be able to have free workers, financed by the community, the beneficiary of the RSA having to work 15 to 20 hours a week to qualify for their allowance, which means that two recipients will be able to hold a full-time job without the employer, public or private, having to create a job or pay a penny ! In addition, many unemployed people at the “end of entitlement” are already at RSA (953,955 recipients in 2019), they will not find jobs but they will have to work just to continue to receive the RSA and survive.

Anti-unemployment reform/its…

All this shows the reality of the politics of “ full employment in the political vision of Macron and his government in connection with the MEDEF. An authoritarian, contemptuous vision totally disconnected from social realities to reduce by any means the official number of unemployed people, reduce the total amount of benefits paid and increase the number of cancellations of unemployed people by Pôle Emploi thanks to an aggressive control policy. Clearly making the reality of unemployment, its consequences invisible and exonerating itself from all responsibility… This reform is therefore a real lesson in things demonstrating all the harmfulness of the management of unemployment insurance by the State, especially more when its representatives are only an echo chamber of employers and finance. Like any social protection system, unemployment insurance must be managed by the sole representatives of the workers on the basis of the social contribution. !

On September 29, we are all on strike and in the streets !

Unemployment cannot be fought by striking off the unemployed but by increasing wages, by sharing working time with compensatory hiring, by strengthening the public services essential to the population with massive job creation, by the end of precariousness in all its forms and by a real ecological bifurcation that is socially just and creates jobs ! Finally, it is essential to set up a real continuity of salary between two jobs, financed by employers who are really responsible for unemployment. !

The interprofessional strike of September 29 must be a strong mobilization for social justice. Solidaires demands a sharp increase in wages, unemployment benefits, pensions, social minima without conditions ! The withdrawal of the bill on unemployment insurance and the repeal of previous reforms ! 100 % of unemployed people receiving benefits and benefits at least at minimum wage upgraded ! Continuity of salary between two jobs !

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