Operation Doyens: after 7 years in the box, Captain embarks with his protector

Found wandering on the public highway and taken in by the refuge of Carquefou (44) in 2013, Captain lived 7 long years in his box. If adoption candidates passed him, none gave him a chance. Until the day when Christine decides to offer him the retirement he deserves, by benefiting from Operation Doyens of the 30 Million Friends Foundation.

The years passed but the adopter never arrived “. Arriving at the Carquefou refuge (44) at the age of 4, Captain saw dozens and dozens of people pass by in front of his box. Withdrawn into himself, he fortunately took a liking to the team of volunteers, one in particular.

Found wandering the streets

I have been a volunteer at the shelter for 14 years and it was heartbreaking to see that many people passed by his box without looking at him.is moved Christine. I was hoping someone was watching him. But 7 years have passed and no one gave him a chance… “Found wandering on the public highway in 2013, Captain was taken in” very fearful ” and ” on the defensive “. Every day, the Carquefou refuge team pampers and reassures him. Christine, in particular, takes him under her wing.

Far from the box he frequented for 7 years, Captain can finally live in serenity./DR

Over time, I went there regularlysays the volunteer. He was less and less afraid. One day I sat down. He approached me. Since that day, I believe that we chose each other “. Mistress of a 9-year-old Labrador and Spirit, another dog ” which had been abandoned 4 times “, However, Christine could not welcome Captain to her home. ” All I could do was hope a family would adopt him “, she recalls.

“It is out of the question that he will end his life in the box”

An adoption is always a miracle!

Christine – Captain’s adopter

When her first dog dies, Christine decides to take matters into her own hands. ” He needed to trustshe points out. I decided to take this time for him. It was out of the question that he would end his life in the box “. In 2020, Captain finally comes out of the shelter alongside his adopter and protector. His first steps in the house are winded. ” He knew nothing at allrecalls Christine. Anything that made noise, like the dishwasher or the washing machine, scared him. But with patience, he got used to family life. He is happy and so are we. »

Captain rubs shoulders with Spirit (for a year and a half before the latter dies of cancer) and the three family cats! ” With Spirit, it went really well, greets Christine. And our cats quickly got used to his presence. Captain is an adorable dog. He deserved his chance “. At 13, the animal can finally enjoy a serene and joyful life. ” An adoption is always a miracle.enthuses the adopter. There is always suffering behind a dog in shelter. If we can save one, it’s magic for him as for us. »

Operation Doyens, a source of “beautiful adoptions”

Captain was adopted as part of Operation Doyens of the 30 Million Friends Foundation, which facilitates the adoption of dogs aged 10 and over thanks to a contribution of 600 euros for any veterinary costs. ” This is a good thingemphasizes Christine. This can serve people with financial needs. And if it can encourage potential adopters to take in an aging animal, that’s great. It can make for great adoptions! »


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