Overview of excellent free games adapted from football

Today, football is the most popular sport in the world. In most countries, it unites millions of fans in addition to creating unique emotions that cannot be found anywhere else. It has been the flagship sport for several decades, in particular because of the level of the championships, stars like Maradona, Messi, Pelé, Ronaldo, and the quality of the competitions.

It is therefore not surprising to see dozens of studios working to design games adapted from football and make them available to the public. There are thus games on PC, consoles or mobiles, but also free slot machines produced by excellent publishers to the delight of bettors. Games made by NetEnt, Betsoft, Pragmatic Play and others are among the best options for those looking for free games to have fun and earn money. Spotlight on free slot machines and other great free games for football fans!

Top Eleven Manager

It is a football team simulation game launched by Nordeus studio on mobile. The objective, as for many football games, is to create your team, to carry out recruitments like the transfer of the Ivorian Konaté Karim to Red Bull Salzburg, while training the players and developing them. The game makes it possible to establish strategies and to manage them. For example, you can change the positioning of your players as well as their instructions and ball calls.

On Top Eleven, you will also take part in competitions and matches in order to put your choices into practice and adjust them to your needs. Expanding the stadium, the club and your supporter groups are also some of your tasks. On this title, you can recruit world-class superstars with the aim of winning the champions league. Top Eleven Manager is based on single player play, but you can play it in multiplayer mode thanks to tournaments between coaches and cooperative modes with several teams. The game is really complete and improves with the versions that come out year after year. It follows the freemium economic model with paid options allowing for example to play matches much faster. However, it is free to download on mobile.

Soccer Champions Cup

Football Champions Cup is a virtual casino game whose theme is inspired by football. It is designed by the software developer NetEnt and has been accessible on all betting platforms powered by this publisher since May 2016. This title was launched on the occasion of the European Cup (Euro) 2016 to satisfy betting enthusiasts. gender. It has 20 paylines and 5 reels where you will see items like jerseys, flags, goalkeeper gloves, supporters, etc. In the background, you can see a boiling stadium with a cheering crowd like during international competitions, which greatly enhances the immersion.

Right from the start, you are prompted to choose a flag and team to use. The player then embodies the shooter and then aims one of the four positions in the goal. Afterwards, he stands on the line of the goalkeeper and tries to stop the ball sent in one of the four angles. If you win the game and win the cup, then you get Football Champions Cup winnings. The graphics are excellent, the soundtrack is engaging, and the betting range wide. The game is one of those free slot machines that gives you a unique experience. This production also comes with features like free spins to keep you playing longer and increase your chances of success.

eFootball PES

The PES game was one of the most popular titles when it comes to football. Designed by studio Konami, it has been FIFA Football’s main competitor for almost two decades. In 2022 Konami renamed its famous PES license which becomes eFootball. The game therefore offers an optimized experience for mobiles. This change is however strongly criticized by loyal customers of the franchise who do not hesitate to express their dissatisfaction.

In this version of eFootball, you manage your team by controlling the actions and gestures of your players, train them and apply game tactics to them. You can also play matches against online opponents from your smartphone with improved and very precise touch controls. The graphics are breathtaking and you have a lot of players at your disposal divided according to their rarity, strength, position on the field, etc. Each match played by your team earns eFootball points either in Myclub coins or in money to sign stars or recruit new talents. The more encounters you win, the more you will have. However, you can buy eFootball coins, if your points are not enough. The players you receive after purchase are mostly drawn, that means you don’t choose them.

Maradona Hyperways

This is a Game Art slot machine about football, but more specifically about the legend Diego Armando Maradona nicknamed Diego El Pibe De Oro. This casino game pays tribute to this famous Argentinian player who recently bowed out. Thus, fans of this star and football fans will be able to find Maradona on this title with 5 reels and 60,466,176 ways to win by betting between 0.4 and 40 €. The game offers a new experience and winning opportunities of up to €2,000,000 to punters. In the background there is a beautiful soccer field, and on the reels you will see symbols of whistles, cleats, captain’s armbands, trophies, soccer balls, jerseys and referee cards. While playing, all you have to do is make combinations of winning symbols to win prizes.

Dream League Soccer

It’s a great football video game to check out if you haven’t had the opportunity yet. In Dream League Soccer game you are invited to build your dream club with more than 4000 players at your disposal. Thus, you manage your Dream FC team and also control the movement of the players in real time during the matches thanks to the controls. As a manager, you are responsible for recruiting and selling team members. Your goal is to become a legend by playing in more than 10 leagues and across the 8 divisions of this game. The gameplay of Dream League Soccer is similar to the career mode of FIFA game and the cost of each player depends on their level. The design is attractive with a rather interesting background sound. You can earn tokens to buy players by winning matches, following ads, or completing tasks. The game is free on download platforms.

FIFA Soccer

When we talk about the best football video games on PC and console, we think directly of the FIFA title from the Electronics Arts studio. Its smartphone counterpart, FIFA Mobile, is a classic title, but very complete with a good quality virtual joystick to help you perform high-level technical moves. It contains the Ultimate Team mode which is the equivalent of Myclub on PES. The already excellent tactile control, is refined even more over time in order to offer a better grip. FIFA Mobile includes game modes allowing you to participate in popular competitions such as the Champions League and the Europa League.

With FIFA Mobile, you can also create and develop your club, train your players, participate in matches, and embody past or current stars like Zidane. In addition, during each season, many events, leagues, and players are offered to you. You can challenge the team of one of your friends online. The FIFA Mobile game is a freemium title, that is to say accessible for free on the platforms, but with paid options to buy draws from rare players to obtain. It has many options and features that make it an excellent alternative for playing soccer on mobile. Note that the Electronics Arts studio will change the name of its FIFA game to EA Sport FC following the end of its partnership with the International Federation of Amateur Football (FIFA).

Soccer Manager Mobile

Football manager is the best football game in the simulation category. It allows you to take part in several football competitions, but as a coach. With innovative features added to this title, it enhances the user experience. On this production, you can bring in international stars, train rookies and build a very competitive team. It has 60 leagues taking place in several countries. You also have the option of forming a reserve team. This is also one of its greatest strengths. If you just love training players, then Football Manager Mobile is the best option for you to develop and create unique playing strategies or techniques by bringing out the potentials of your players.

real football

Real Football is a video game that looks similar to PES and FIFA, but is basically totally different. Its particularity is in the course which for beginners is not so easy. However when you get used to it, you spend pleasant moments there. This production is smooth and has beautiful 3D graphics and above all beautiful images. In Real Football, your goal is to build your own team, then develop infrastructure such as physiotherapy centers, a football academy, stadiums, and health centers. This title also gives you the opportunity to buy players and improve their techniques or skills in order to win the cup and the championship. You can play online in PVP World Arena mode and compete against other teams of players through various tournaments.

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