Pacific 2022 mini-games: the summary of Thursday, June 16, 2022

Installation of athletes in their “village”, first training sessions and first tennis matches… Find the summary of the 2022 Pacific Mini-Games, in Saipan in the Northern Marianas, for this Thursday, June 16.

It is in an idyllic setting, by the sea, that the athletes from the 20 countries taking part in the Pacific Mini-Games have taken up residence as soon as they arrive.

Athletes are accommodated in the heart of the Grandvrio Resort, in downtown Saipan. A hotel specially fitted out for the occasion.

The Pacific Mini-Games Village in downtown Saipan.

©Alix Madec / Nc la 1ere

On the balconies of the hotel rooms occupied by the athletes, the flags of their country of origin flutter in the wind. Here, the official colors are displayed with pride.

Minigames 2022: Games Village 5

On the balconies of the athletes’ hotel rooms, the flags of their country of origin are proudly displayed.

©Alix Madec / Nc la 1ere

In the lobby of the hotel, the meetings follow one another in the morning, before training begins. Each delegation has its organization. This Thursday morning, that of Wallis and Futuna took stock.

Pacific Mini-Games: Wallis-and-Futuna delegation meeting

The Wallis-and-Futuna delegation in full meeting before training, this Thursday, June 16.

©Alix Madec / Nc la 1ere

Opposite the village, the beach is deserted and gives these Mini-games a holiday feel.

Minigames 2022: Games Village 7

In front of the hotel which welcomes all the delegations, the panorama offers a postcard image.

©Alix Madec / Nc la 1ere

But the competition remains ahead for all participants. It is here, in downtown Saipan, that the delegations are housed for 8 of the 9 disciplines. At the bend of a street, we also come across athletes running, or training.

Minigames 2022: Games Village 3

The Cagous on the first morning of the Pacific Mini-Games, in Saipan, in the Northern Mariana Islands.

©Alix Madec / Nc la 1ere

Golfers are further south on the island, in a second suitable establishment, the Coral Ocean Resort. It is the place of training and life of golfers. There are eight Caledonians in total competing for this eleventh edition of the Mini-games: four girls and four boys. This morning, they were already training on the practices.

Minigames 2022: Games Village 8

Golfers are further south. They stay and train at the Coral Ocean Resort.

©Alix Madec / Nc la 1ere

Their competitions begin on Tuesday, June 21.

Minigames 2022: Games Village 9

The golfers’ HQ for the 2022 Pacific Mini-Games, south of Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands.

©Alix Madec / Nc la 1ere

They didn’t really have time to rest after a day of flying, nor to go and see the pitches before playing there. The four Cagous tennis players opened the ball this Thursday. And they did not disappoint at the start of the match. Victor Lopes won over Brett Baudinet of the Cook Islands 4-0/4-1. Meetings that continue until 9 p.m. (Marian Islands time or 10 p.m. in New Caledonia).

Tennis matches will then resume tomorrow, Friday, from 8 a.m.

Pacific Mini-Games: Tennis June 16

Victor Lopes won this Thursday, June 16 on the grounds of Saipan, in the Northern Mariana Islands.

©Mathieu Ruiz Barraud / CTOS

In the first group match, the Cagous also won their match against the Cook Islands, 3-0.

Mini-games 2022: Tennis June 16, 2022

The Cagous won against the Cook Islands, in Saipan, this Thursday, June 16 in their first group match.

©William Lecren / Nc la 1ere

On the side of the Fishermen Monument not far from the village of the Games, the rowers are preparing, under a blazing sun. The body of water is smooth, and athletes train in a warm atmosphere. Example with this athlete from Papua New Guinea, who knows how to motivate his troops.

A member of the Papua New Guinea delegation, who knows how to motivate his troops.

©Alix Madec / Nc la 1ere

The Caledonians trained this morning, followed by the rowers from PNG. All will meet from Monday, June 20, on the lake of the Fishermen Monument, in the center of Saipan. In the meantime, they train conscientiously.

Minigames 2022: Va'a Training

Papua New Guinea rowers in training at the site of the Fishermen Monument in Saipan.

©Alix Madec / Nc la 1ere

Tomorrow, Friday June 17, Caledonians will return to the tennis courts, from 8 a.m. Also on the program is the opening ceremony of these 2022 Mini-games. It will take place at the Oleai sports complex, from 5.30 p.m. (Marian Islands time, i.e. 6.30 p.m. in Noumea). You can follow it live on our Facebook page.

The Cagous also trained in tchap this afternoon, for the occasion.

The Cagous train in the gardens of the Pacific Mini-Games village.

©Alix Madec / Nc la 1ere

The entire NC la 1ère team is mobilizing to make you experience the Mini-games of the Pacific, from Saipan.

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