Pérez lets go of his truths about the Mbappé failure

Did Mbappé betray you?

“No, no, why would he betray me? Mbappé let everyone know his desire to play for Real Madrid. It was his childhood dream and it’s the truth. He bought all the jerseys of the club over the years and he said it publicly. His dream was to come to Real Madrid. As you know, we wanted to sign him last August, but it was not possible, they did not want to sell him A lot of time has passed, we knew we had to wait a year. This year has passed and 15 days before the announcement, the situation has changed. Why? I think it’s because of the pressure. Political pressure and also the economic pressure. He felt he was stuck and I think he did the easiest thing to unblock the situation.”

How did you feel that Mbappé had changed?

“All in all… We were made aware of it and we saw that he had changed. There was also a very important event, when he refused to participate in a publicity act with all of his team-mates from selection. It shocked me because football is a collective sport where everyone is on an equal footing. There were also a series of things, such as the fact that they offered him to become practically the leader of the club’s management. That’s not the Mbappé I wanted to recruit. That’s another Mbappé, who is the result of pressure. He had to change his dream… can we change our dreams? He is very young, the pressure affects us all, but young people even more. When the President of the Republic calls you and asks you to stay, of course it influences you when you are young. which does not make sense is that a President of the Republic does that. There are other clubs there. The President surely wanted Mbappé to succeed, but Mb appé can succeed elsewhere. Zidane came to Real Madrid and became a great player. Benzema is a great player. You can become a great player at Real Madrid and be a source of pride for the President of the Republic. I don’t know why it all happened, but it definitely had a big influence on him.”

You wanted a footballer and PSG made him a sports director…

“No, I didn’t say that. I want a footballer. He changes, because he is offered other things, because he is pressured, and he is already a different footballer. But as I I always say it and as Alfredo Di Stefano said, there is no one at Real Madrid above the club. He is a great footballer, he can win more than others but it is a collective sport and we have values ​​and principles that we cannot change and do not want to change.”

Do you still have affection for him?

“Yes of course, I like him, he made an effort and the pressure made the circumstances change and it’s not easy for a 23-year-old to go through all that either.”

Did his mother put pressure on him to stay at PSG?

“I don’t know, but I think not. I think his mother wanted him to come to Real Madrid, because she knew it was his dream when he was little. They said it many times and we we all know that mothers want the best for their children I haven’t spoken to him but we were told that his mother was saddened that he didn’t come to Real When circumstances change and a person makes a decision , you have to respect it. He didn’t come because he didn’t want to come. That’s the truth. That he was conditioned by politicians, by Qatar, by France… If all the world puts pressure on you, when you’re 23, you block yourself”.

Why not have him sign a pre-contract in January?

“Because you can’t do it. What the regulations say is that you have to communicate to the club that you are entering into negotiations with the player. It would have been a big disruption for him, still being at PSG, from saying publicly that he was negotiating with Real Madrid. The most sensible thing was to wait for the season to end. If we had communicated our intention to PSG, they would have leaked it and that would have added pressure on Mbappé.

Real Madrid fans haven’t forgiven Mbappé, you know that?

“Real Madrid fans are a little disappointed. But I repeat, the Mbappé who would have come this summer would not have been the one I knew. As it is, I prefer that he stays at PSG. The Mbappé that I wanted, he was the one I knew, the one who had the dream of playing for Real Madrid.”

In three years, when his contract at PSG is over, is it impossible for him to sign at Real?

“No, I didn’t say that. As they say, in three years, we will all be bald… (this is an expression to roughly say that we should not project ourselves too much and live in the present, editor’s note).”

Do you still dream of seeing Mbappé with the Real jersey?

“Today no, because this Mbappé is not my Mbappé. But if he changes… The Mbappé who refuses to do a publicity act with his teammates, I don’t want it. Maybe it was be a misunderstanding, but I really believe that they confused him… He is very young and I wish him the best. I have nothing against him, but I believed the fact that he dreamed of Real Madrid so did he. But sometimes dreams don’t come true because of outside things.”

Have you spoken to him again since he told you he wasn’t coming?

“No. He messaged me and I wished him luck. But at that point we were no longer interested. I’ll say it again, no player in the history of Real Madrid has ever been above the others. There are players better than others, but we are talking about a collective sport and we are not going to make exceptions that would jeopardize the management of the collective.

Did waiting so long for Mbappé prevent you from recruiting Haaland?

“No, it has nothing to do with that. We have the best centre-forward in the world (Benzema) and he was at that time incompatible with Haaland, who is a magnificent player. But we weren’t going to sign Haaland for then put him on the bench. Benzema is a crack, he’s a phenomenon. Haaland’s clause to leave in two years? I don’t know, I read it, but no one confirmed it to me. Today “Today, our only interest is to train the new team.”

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