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Rich, delicately flavored but still little known, unlike its neighbors in Lebanon and Israel, Iranian gastronomy is on the rise. It’s off to the Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne – a hotel of superlatives when was able to test the colorful dishes of this spicy cuisine during the inauguration last July of Parisa. The trip was already worth the detour for the hotel itself, and this new restaurant promises an explosion of flavors with an experience that incenses all the senses around sharing.

Discovery oforiental-oriented cuisine, a true culinary odyssey.

Perched on top of a mountain, the mythical Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne has always been on our hotel bucket list. The journey that takes us there is part of the equation. Thus, opt for the catamaran and the funicular, rather than by car or bus! The luxury resort with its four hotels, seven restaurants and two high-rise spas is full of superlatives. And indeed, once there, it is impossible to remain unmoved! It’s not just because of the breathtaking view overlooking the famous crystal-clear Lake Lucerne. The bold architecture of the Spices Restaurant towering over the deep chasm makes the pulse race. Even a visit to the spa becomes an awe-inspiring James Bond experience thanks to the spectacular infinity pool.

The Burgenstock Resort Lake Lucern

As for the culinary offer of the Bürgenstock Resort, it makes your mouth water. A solid gastronomic mainstay, the place unveils no less than seven restaurants offering modern French cuisine (RitzCoffier) ​​to authentic Asian dishes from Japan, Thailand, India and China (Spices) through the restaurant of cozy altitude (Taverne 1879) or the restaurant specializing in light cuisine (Verbena) and an alpine osteria (Osteria Alpina). And the very last born: the Parisa which replaces the Sharq Oriental restaurant. This new culinary mecca offers an eclectic experience in a colorful setting that takes you on a journey to another dimension: the Orient. A cuisine as rare as saffron in hotel catering.

the smoothie topped with crushed toasted nuts, raisins, cucumber and mint (mast-o-khiar)

On the plate? Dishes simmered by chef Ravan who finds the right balance between each ingredient, a real art! Sharing is definitely the signature of the concept. Each meal is a real culinary journey with refined dishes revisited from Iran. We smell mint, dill and turmeric… the starters follow one another with the slogan: freshness, lightness, true taste. We love the crunchy watermelon salad combined with feta and walnuts in olive oil and fresh lime juice (salad-e paneer va hendevaneh). the smoothie topped with crushed toasted nuts, raisins, cucumber and mint (mast-o-khiar) and lamb meatballs with pomegranate sauce, aromatic herbs, pistachios and parsley (kufteh-ye pesteh-o anar) zouquent gently under the palate. It’s as improbable in the name as it is poetic on the plate.

Precise in flavor, sharp in exoticism, scathing with each bite, we continue with dishes that traditionally make up Persian cuisine with careful dressing: meat, grilled marinated fish, fresh vegetables, spices and aromatic herbs such as saffron, seeds pomegranate, barberry, dill and mint. We set our sights on Parisa’s tasty signature dish, the lamb shank cooked at low temperature in a Persian tomato sauce (Parisa signing). We melt for the dessert menu with sweet and honey flavors: the frozen sorbet with vermicelli, rose water, fresh lime, homemade cherry sauce (falude-ye shirezi), transports us on a cloud of gluttony. Between audacity and tradition, Parisa offers a real dance of flavors, colors and textures in the mouth from appetizer to dessert, for the pleasure of the five senses!

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