Pixel 6a: powerful and intelligent, the new Google smartphone arrives with a promo at Darty

With its balanced performance, the Pixel 6a is the worthy heir to Google’s famous premium smartphones, the Pixel 6. For a much more affordable price, like them, it features the brand’s original design and is distinguished by the excellent quality of its Pictures.

This summer, Google presented its new smartphone, the Pixel 6a. This very well-equipped mid-range smartphone is largely inspired by its big brothers the Pixel 6, launched at the end of 2021 and true references in terms of mobile photography. Good news, this fall 2022, this device with unbeatable value for money is available in Darty stores. The icing on the cake, the brand offers you a Google Nest Audio smart speaker for any purchase of a Pixel 6a.

Among the highlights of this new edition, at least three characteristics will really not leave you indifferent. The Pixel 6a seduces not only with its compact design, but it is also very convincing in the photo, showing a rare talent for a mid-range.

Finally, this device convinces thanks to its in-house processor which gives it extraordinary power and intelligence. Once again Google shows, with its new Pixel 6a, all its know-how in the design of smartphones.

A compact, beautiful and practical design

At a time when giant smartphones are multiplying, the Pixel 6a meets the expectations of lovers of compactness. Google has chosen a smaller screen for its new smartphone. The result is a device that is very pleasant in the hand and does not deform the pockets, with its weight below the 180 gram mark.

By reducing the size of the mobile, Google can also offer a cheaper device, which does not spoil anything. It even has the luxury of remaining waterproof like its big brothers (IP67 protection index, totally protected against dust and protected against the effects of temporary immersion up to one meter for thirty minutes).

The Google Pixel 6a smartphone is available in Sage Green, Charcoal Black and Pebble White.


The DNA of the American giant remains very present, recognizable at first glance. The original design common to the brand’s latest smartphones is found on the Pixel 6a, with this large black and rectangular photo island which crosses from side to side the back of the device.

And above all the Pixel 6a benefits from all the software advantages linked to this range, from Material You to customize the interface as you wish up to the recent mobile OS, updated regularly to bring new features to the mobile. The Pixel 6a is even among the very first to benefit fromAndroid 13 !

A good quality AMOLED screen

Despite belonging to the mid-range segment, the 6.1-inch screen (15.5 cm diagonal) of the Pixel 6a has a high resolution of 429 points per inch. The precision of its display (Full HD+ definition) is therefore excellent, it is even slightly higher than that of its big brother the Pixel 6!

The panel is adorned with OLED technology, with deep blacks that contrast beautifully with natural colors. A contrast that promotes immersion in the image, to the delight of the user.

Photo: in the footsteps of Pixel 6

In terms of photo quality, the Pixel 6a does not have much to envy to the other members of the family. Image processing, boosted by the power of Google’s algorithms, gives truly spectacular results. Even in low light, the shots of the 6a stand out, a rare asset at this price level.

In general, we remain amazed by the sharpness of the images, very clear and not stingy with details. In order to diversify the shots, the photo block of the smartphone is composed of a wide-angle and an ultra-wide-angle, each associated with a 12-megapixel sensor.

This equipment is supplemented by the key functions discovered on the first models in the range, such as the Magic Eraser which makes it easy to erase unwanted elements on a snapshot. Mobile photo enthusiasts will be able to have a field day!

The Google Pixel 6a smartphone, zoom on its photo sensors

The Pixel 6a photo block is made up of a wide-angle and an ultra-wide-angle.


Remarkable power and versatility

Whether it’s image processing or pure power (dedicated to activities like gaming for example), we must recognize that the Pixel 6a is brilliantly equipped. Like the Pixel 6 before it, it embeds Google’s in-house processor, Tensor. This high-end, latest-generation chip guarantees this mid-range smartphone fast and smooth operation worthy of premium models.

Incidentally, the reinforced Tensor core of the Titan M2 chip provides a remarkable level of security, never before achieved on a smartphone. Whether in the context of multitasking activities or even resource-intensive games, the processor combined with 6 GB of RAM is a sensation.

Powerful and equipped with the latest Google OS, the Pixel 6a continues to amaze you with functions that are original to say the least. Your device becomes, for example, an instant translator, handling more than 11 languages. Bluffing!

A battery that will get you through the day

Despite its small form factor, the Pixel 6a packs a battery almost as powerful as the Pixel 6’s, just over 4,400 mAh. This capacity, added to the fact that the small screen of the smartphone consumes less energy, gives the smartphone a very good autonomy, throughout the day and until late at night. No need to give up a photo shoot on a night out with friends.

And with Ultra Battery Saver Mode, you can even continue using your Pixel 6a for up to 72 hours. And with the 18 watt fast charge, a few minutes are enough to start again for several hours of autonomy.

A clever gift for the Pixel 6a launch

Available at Darty in three colors to choose from (Sage Green, Charcoal Black or Pebble White), the Google Pixel 6a is sold in its 6/128 GB version at a price of 459 euros. To celebrate its launch, a Google Nest Audio smart speaker is offered to first purchasers of the smartphone for any purchase until September 25 inclusive. To take advantage of this gift from the Darty website, simply add this device worth €99.99 to your basket to receive it. The offer is also valid in stores.

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