Preparing for retirement: Sapiendo partner of Société Générale Assurances for the online support of Mon Compagnon Retraite

Sapiendo signs a partnership with Société Générale Assurances

Sapiendo was selected by Societe Generale Assurances, following a call for tenders, as part of the development of its digital support program for preparing for retirement “Mon Compagnon Retraite”. Founded barely 7 years ago, Sapiendo is now a key player in the world of retirement thanks to its radically innovative approach and a global vision of retirement. Valérie Batigne, founder and director of Sapiendo: “ We are delighted to have won this call for tenders and to support Societe Generale clients in their preparation for retirement. Our tools and our experts will allow them to properly anticipate their future purchasing power in retirement. »

Sapiendo’s innovative and global approach appealed to Societe Generale Assurances

Sapiendo is the first player in this sector to have developed a solution that combines digital performance and human support. It is an innovative tool that provides, in a few clicks, fundamental information on retirement in different formats. This information responds to the problems of all French people concerning the overall projection of their retirement income, a benefit which until now was reserved for a small number. Valerie Batigne: The innovative dimension of its solution and Sapiendo’s ability to make the complex theme of retirement understandable are of increasing interest to players in the savings market. They seek to support their clients throughout the process of preparing for retirement and wish to provide differentiating value-added retirement services to their clients. »

Supporting Societe Generale customers

As such, Societe Generale Assurances has relied on Sapiendo technology and its innovative solutions to take a new step in the deployment of its digital strategy around retirement. The objective is to support Societe Generale customers to better prepare for their retirement by promoting their understanding of the issues of good anticipation of their future retirement, regardless of their age or profile.

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To do this, Societe Generale Assurances offers “Mon Compagnon Retraite”, a digital and personalized retirement preparation course for its customers, allowing them to calculate their future retirement income at the various key retirement ages. From quick calculation to advanced simulation with RIS (statement of retirement situation), Societe Generale Assurances provides its customers with a simple solution to best prepare for their future throughout their working lives. Beyond the technological dimension, Sapiendo’s personalized and expert consulting services are positioned as a complete solution to meet customer expectations.

Personalized retirement advice services

Personalized retirement advice services, Sapiendo’s historic business, enable customers to be supported throughout the process of preparing for retirement. This is how Societe Generale Assurances chose Sapiendo as a partner to offer its clients advanced retirement assessments – career verification and optimization study included – integrating the support of a retirement expert but also management and handling pension application files.

Valerie Batigne: Sapiendo has one and the same objective through this innovative global approach: to meet customer expectations and quickly provide them with reliable answers in order to help them maximize their retirement rights, that is to say, to retire. desired age with the best possible level of income and ultimately allow them to achieve the retirement project they want. »

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