Real Madrid: Vinicius Junior swears loyalty “to the biggest club in the world”

In an interview on ‘SportTV’, the striker expressed his desire to continue playing for Madrid. Its extension is practically acquired.

Vinícius Junior will be a Real Madrid player for a few more years. As reported goal a few days ago, Real Madrid and the player were close to reaching an agreement to extend his contract, which was due to expire in June 2024. The Brazilian international, himself, in an interview for “SportTV”, the Brazilian television, confirmed that he will not move.

“Karim is very attached to me”

It is just beginning. I have many things to conquer. I hope to be able to tell many things at the end of my career. My contract extension? I will continue in the biggest club in the world, did he declare. The two parties have always wanted to continue their paths together and will make the official announcement in the coming weeks.

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Vinícius touched on several topics during this interview. Regarding Real Madrid, the Brazilian spoke about his relationship with Benzema and how he experienced those words against him in the tunnel. “Nothing happened. Karim is very attached to me. He always did everything he could to help me. The next day he came to talk to me, he said it was not that that had been said. I always took it from the good side. He always gives everything for me on the pitch. Being tough is good too”.

Vinicius praises Ancelotti

He also analyzed the differences between the Brazilian national team and his club, and discovered the relationship between its two coaches: Ancelotti and Tite. “They talk to each other to find an agreement when there is a match. When I make progress in Madrid, Tite asks Ancelotti how he could also help me in the national team. They get along well and understand each other. There are differences between the two teams. In the national team, we play higher. Tite asks us to attack a lot. At Real, I am a little more behind. I come from further away. In the national team, we play more with the ball. In today’s football you have to come back to defend, otherwise you end up complicating everyone.”

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All the young players who work with Ancelotti appreciate him very much. He always talks about Kaka, Pato, Rivaldo, Richarlison. He always tries to help us and he has a very young coaching staff, which gives us the information and the confidence that we need. Sometimes he also scolds us because we need it. Militao and me (laughs). But the coaching staff tell us if there is a faster or slower full-back, if the goalkeeper passes the ball one way or the other. ‘Cause we can’t watch every game“added the Real Madrid winger.

Vinicius Junior does not intend to stop there and expects the next season to be even better than this one. “It’s normal with age. In the training center, I ended up skipping many stages of training. I reached the professional level at the age of 16 and I was not fully trained. At Real, the pressure is very high, but I had help from Benzema, Marcelo, Casemiro, players with more experience. I have always evolved over time. This season has gone well, so it’s normal that the next season will be better.”


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