Rental of motorhomes between individuals, how to be well insured?

Motorhome owners who want to rent their vehicle often come up against insurers refusing to sign a contract. If some do, the easiest way is to go through a specialized rental site. These platforms take care of the insurance on behalf of the owner.

Generally, rental is excluded from insurance contracts, for a simple reason: “The contracts are subject to the bonus/penalty clause and if the tenant causes a responsible claim, the owner’s bonus will be impacted, says broker Jean-Marc Commereuc. It is for this reason that rental platforms or professionals can guarantee the owner’s vehicle during the rental period, in the form of rental management. »

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No steps through a rental company

Régis Marie, insurer specializing in motorhomes, confirms the interest of going through a platform. “She takes care of the insurance on behalf of the owner. No action is to be taken with us: it is via the platform that the declaration and management of the claim are carried out, without consequence for the bonus of our customers. »

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An extension for occasional rentals

The insurer has, however, provided for the case of owners who would have recourse to platforms which do not offer sufficient guarantees or for those who would like to rent directly, by offering an “occasional rental between individuals” extension to their insurance contract (subscribed for more than 12 months).

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Partnerships between lessors and insurers

Rental platforms between individuals agree with an insurer, in order to be able to offer a standard contract, which could include All-Risk insurance and full assistance. Insurance companies also offer their members the possibility of taking out temporary insurance for a maximum period of 30 days, allowing them to insure against all risks a vehicle occasionally rented between individuals.

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How do peer-to-peer rental platforms work?

To find out what rental platforms between individuals offer in terms of insurance, we interviewed Olivier Puybasset, manager of French-speaking countries at Yescapa.

When renting a vehicle on your platform, is insurance always included?

There are several scenarios. In the vast majority of cases, it is included. Rentals between private individuals are insured, provided you stay in France. We also work with professional rental companies who have their own insurance.

When someone rents a vehicle on your platform, is their bonus-malus engaged in one way or another?

This never affects the bonus-malus or the annual premium of the owner on his own use. If there is damage or an accident, it is the insurance that comes into play and compensates the owner. There is no bonus-malus system for the lessor either, because it is for a short period. He will just have to pay the possible deductible of the insurance.

Does the tenant have the choice between several insurance formulas?

It is a multi-risk contract in all cases, very covering. We offer two formulas depending on the country: basic and enhanced. They are all equally covering to protect the vehicle. The level of deductible varies. The second also covers stolen items.

What are the deductible amounts?

In the basic formula, the excess is €1,500 on average. It can go up to 2500 € for the upper parts. For broken glass, it is €150. In the reinforced formula, it is €500 max.

How much is the insurance premium included in the rental?

With the basic formula, it costs €14 per day for a rental of €114. With the reinforced formula, the amount increases to €30 per day. The insurance premium is of course fully paid to the insurer.

Yescapa, motorhome rental platform between individuals

You leave the choice to the owners to take out your insurance or not. What does this change?

We cannot force the owner to use our insurance. He can have his own rental insurance if it is sufficiently covering. In this case, the certificate of the insurer is necessary. But it’s more advantageous to go through us so as not to be impacted on your bonus-malus.

Can tenants also go through their own insurance?

If a renter requests it, he can use his own insurance contract to cover his rental, provided that we have received the formal agreement of the owner of the vehicle. These scenarios are marginal.

In the event of a claim, what happens to the owner?

It is important to be sure to recover your vehicle in good condition. We accompany the owner when there are repairs to be made, so that he can recover his vehicle as quickly as possible. We also do a lot of awareness raising with tenants.

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