RSB claim second title

The RSB, holders of the CAF Cup, won their second Cup, after the title won in 2018 at the expense of Wydad de Fès (2-2, 3-2 pens), four years after their defeat in the final of the 2014 edition against FUS Rabat (0-2).

Knowing each other well, the two teams played it safe and left each other little space. RSB locked down their back lines while trying to bring danger into the opposition area with through balls and pressing Wydadis defenders into making mistakes.

This strategy almost paid off in the first minutes when a long through pass reached Fahli, who found himself head to head with goalkeeper Tagnaouti, but the latter managed to close the angle of shot to the striker Berkani. In the 15th, the WAC defender, Comara, under pressure from two opposing attackers, made a bad back pass, but Tagnaouti, once again, responded present and removed the danger.

Wydad generally seemed reserved at the start of the match and most of their attempts were the result of set plays, but poorly exploited.

The Reds and Whites, however, could have surprised their opponent towards the end of the first half (43rd) when Reda Jaadi, unmarked, found himself with the ball in the middle of the penalty area, but his shot was too weak to worry the goalkeeper berkani.

On resumption, Wydad raised their block, seeming to seek to take the initiative, but in addition to failing to break the lock of the opposing defense, Walid Regragui’s men exposed themselves to counter-attacks which almost cost them dearly.

The clearest came in the 52nd minute, when Larbi Naji stole the ball from a Wydadi striker and threw a deep pass to Charki El Bahri who infiltrated and shot, but Tagnaouti pushed the ball away, before redeploying a nice save to stop a second bullet fired by El Fahli, who was lying in wait.

Unscathed from this episode, the WAC players regained their balance and managed to set up their game and master the match, without however managing to offer themselves clear chances in front of the opaque block of the Oranges. On the contrary, they had a few scares eight minutes from the end of regulation time (82nd) ​​when Elmouden, executing a free kick at the limit of 18 meters, forced Tagnaouti to bring out the best of himself. to save the furniture.

It was only during added time that we could see real chances for WAC, in particular that of Badii Aouk who badly took back the ball pushed back in extremis by the RSB goalkeeper, when he was facing empty goals (90+2).

During added time, apart from a dazzling start from the Wydadis who, in the first minutes, came out on top in an attempt to seal the fate of this final and chained a few dangerous actions, in particular the shot by Yahya Atiat Allah which worried Amine Elouaad , the game was limited to midfield with unfinished or aborted actions, especially from Wydad. The end of additional time was, however, spectacular with a free kick from Jalal Daoudi (119), whose ball bounced and almost deceived the goalkeeper. On the ensuing corner, the same Daoudi takes a ball from a shutter, but Elouaad saves his own.

With this victory, the RSB concludes in style an exhausting course due to its commitments in the CAF Cup.

They dismissed Mouloudia d’Oujda (2-1) in the round of 16 on their way to the final, after a hotly contested Oriental derby, before offering themselves another big piece in the round of 16, at namely the Difaâ of El Jadida (4-2, pens), then the Association Mansouria (1-0) in the quarter-finals and Youssoufia of Berrechid (2-2, 4-3 pens), in the semi-finals.

The Berkanis add a trophy to a showcase that has just been adorned with a second CAF Cup title (the first in 2020), won in three finals (defeat in 2019).

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