Rüdiger: ‘This club is very big and I like having that pressure’

NEWS STORY. 06/20/2022

After having been present as a new Real Madrid player, Antonio Rüdiger appeared for his first press conference in front of the media. The German defender said: “Here the most important thing is to win, we have seen that over the years, in which they have won many titles and the Champions League. Even if there were doubts in- outside the club, Real Madrid were able to do that and it was amazing”.

“The match I played at the Bernabéu with Chelsea was very special, very intense. For me it was the first time I played at the Santiago Bernabéu. For the team the match was pretty good and for me “, it was incredible emotions. After the third goal, there was still a very positive atmosphere and mood. I left with very good emotions and to be able to play for such a club now is incredible”.

What contribution in the defense of Real Madrid?
“Real Madrid have a lot of very good players, especially in my position, but I feel quite calm. What could define my contribution is competitiveness, something very healthy for any team and which forces us to keep fighting. It’s a challenge that interests me a lot”.

Experience in other leagues
“Having the opportunity to play in several leagues is wonderful. The German league is very physical, in Italy it’s a very tactical country and it’s important to control every game. In the Premier League you have to play a lot of games and they’re all very intense. It’s a very physical league. In Spain, there’s very good football, with a lot of pressure and it’s a challenge for me, I’m very emotional”.

What role did Real Madrid have in his childhood
“I remember Ronaldo Nazario, he was my idol. Everyone wanted to be a striker and be like Ronaldo. Also Zidane, who scored an incredible goal in the Champions League final.”

The choice of Real Madrid
“The first time there was contact between Real and my agent was in September last year. The second time I spoke directly with Ancelotti in April. My contact with him was the most important thing and that’s when I made the decision to play in this club. He told me that he wanted me here, that he had confidence in me and that I can bring a lot to the team. “At my age, that’s enough. We’re talking about Ancelotti. We already know that at Real Madrid there is competition but I’m ready to fight for my place”.

In contact with his former teammates
“Sometimes someone tries to get in touch with you and convince you, but those are decisions you have to make yourself, but I haven’t spoken to any of the players who are there or played there. before”.

Its adaptation in Spain
“With me, it’s hard to expect something off the court. I really like to talk, laugh, dance, but once on the pitch I’m very serious and I don’t like to joke. My contribution in the locker room is my fighting spirit, my leadership. But the first thing is to learn the language, which is very important, and then the rest. I will try to learn Spanish as soon as possible.” .

Which Real defender marked you?
“There are very high-level defenders, but if I had to choose one, I would say Pepe. He has characteristics that I like. And off the pitch, from what I know, he is a good person and on the field, a monster”.

Difficult to play against Real Madrid in the Champions League?
“Honestly, it was easy. Nothing was clear at that moment. Although I was clear, it’s important to be professional and at that moment my goal was to eliminate Real Madrid. We have did everything we could but it was not possible”.

The reassembled of Real Madrid
“What Real Madrid achieved in the Champions League this year, I won’t be able to describe. It was incredible. Clearly, when the final was played, I already knew that I was going to play for Real Madrid. I was for them and I was delighted that they were able to win. I played with my team against Liverpool and I wanted them to win. Next year I want to keep fighting for more titles”.

Pressure from being at the biggest club in history?
“In the end, it’s a very big club. I feel very lucky to be here and to do what I do. It’s a pressure that I like to have”.

Number 22
“I like number 2 in general. It’s Carvajal’s number. I had to choose between 12 and 22 and I chose 22. I didn’t think about it too much. I like the number” .

Interest from other clubs and Mbappé’s decision
“There was interest from Barça but I had told my brother that I wanted to play at Real Madrid or nowhere. And compared to Mbappé, I don’t know him very well. I’m happy to be here and everyone has to make their own decisions.


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