She picks up her dog in her garden, she approaches: the result is unexpected!

Jenna did not expect to see the state of Nugget, her pet who was playing in her garden. His white coat transformed before his eyes. Basically, a dog expresses itself differently from a human. When this animal rolls in the grass or on the ground, its action can communicate multiple messages. There are, however, tricks to stop the dog rolling in the grass. We reveal everything to you!

Her little dog turned green

Nugget is a dog whose coat is as white as a snowflake. The little dog play in the garden of its owner Jenna at the time of the events.

However, it only took the young woman to turn her back on him for him to do something stupid: it will change color. When she finally comes to pick him up, Jenna is shocked.

“We did not expect to see a green dog. But it was all green,” she said, taken aback to The Dodo.

How could he change so quickly?

Its owner has her little idea to explain this funny story. She explains that the grass in their garden has just been freshly cut. She says she’s standing there the direct cause of the situation.

Nugget who loves to play on the grass took a walk in his garden. When this happy little dog rolls in the lawn, it turns green. It looks like Kermit the frog!

Jenna can’t believe her eyes when she finds her little white dog in this unrecognizable state. Although she finds the situation amusing, she decides to wash it off right away

She therefore takes dishwashing liquid to wash her pet very carefully. After about an hour of washing, Nugget finally finds his pretty coat White.

Source: Instagram screenshot

Why does a dog want to roll on the floor?

Many reasons can explain this behavior of our four-legged friends. Here are a few.

The heat

When it’s hot, the dog will find the easiest way to cool off. Like other pets, the dog hasa layer of natural fat. With his hair covering everything, the surrounding heat is accentuated and he suffers a lot from it.

So that’s probably what motivated Nugget. The phenomenon is very common in dog breeds originating in cold places, but inhabiting warmer places.

In front of freshly cut wet grass, he’ll just jump at the chance to refresh itself. For these dogs, rolling around and lying down in this cool grass brings them great pleasure and relief in the face of this strong heat.

It will also avoid all sunny areas and spend most of its time in the shade. You will recognize that a dog is hot when he starts panting. It is therefore important to have water available often so that the dog does not become dehydrated.

Source: Pexel

A need to find its smell

The owner of a dog has often experienced this very frustrating moment. It happens that after a good bath, the dog smells good and becomes all beautiful. But the first thing he does is roll in the grassand even in his excrement!

The reason is simple. Because of its powerful sense of smell, the dog does not tolerate chemical odors or too strong. He prefers natural scents. In order to get rid of an odor that he does not like, the dog will look for a natural smell like grass to feel good.

Relieve itching

A dog that rolls too frequently in the grass may suffer from itching. Sometimes there is talk of parasites or skin diseases. In either case, it is still a good idea to seek the advice of a veterinarian so that the dog undergoes treatment.

A way to have fun

A happy dog ​​will sometimes tend to externalize his moments of madness rolling in the grass. Dog owners know this very well. These moments of play and happiness are very important for a dog. It’s his way of letting off steam and expressing his joie de vivre.

Telling your dog to stop rolling in the grass

Some techniques exist to prevent his pet from rolling on the floor. It may indeed be that the gesture bothers you sometimes. This is for example the case when you have just given him a bath.

To prevent it from getting dirty again, just keep him on a leash during his walk. The message will get through and he will keep walking.

However, rolling on the floor is a common behavior in dogs. It is moreover natural behavior which contributes to the well-being of these hairballs. If his behavior does not show any embarrassment, you can very well let him be.

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