Siaci Saint Honoré direct debit: all you need to know

By examining your bank statement, it is possible that you have noted a SIACI SAINT HONORE direct debit without this seeming normal to you. This debit can be explained by the payment of health insurance or pension contributions. We provide the necessary clarifications regarding this SEPA direct debit before the steps to be taken to stop it if it turns out to be suspicious.

Why do I have a SIACI SAINT HONORE direct debit on my bank statement?

The SIACI SAINT HONORE direct debit normally corresponds to the payment of monthly health insurance premium or interim health contribution for the benefit of this multi-domain insurance broker.

The signature of the membership form AND the direct debit mandate, and only these two conditions, authorize the debit of the amount of the contribution on the account of the member. However, the latter must have chosen this option of payment of his monthly payments and have previously informed his bank details to the SIACI SAINT HONORE creditor.

To know

The contribution that the insured must pay each month is made up of 2 elements:

  • The basic guarantee, which is a simple plan without options
  • And the options, made up of guarantees and the family option, for example

Payment of this premium is made according to the plan chosen by the subscriber: early membership or automatic membership, as well as whether or not he has taken out options.

In the case of early membership, which is an optional plan with or without options: the premium is debited monthly from the insured’s bank account.

In the case of automatic affiliation, which is a compulsory scheme with basic guarantee: the contribution is deducted from the pay slip. If the member has chosen guarantee options, he must then pay 2 contributions:

  • That of the basic guarantee deducted from the payslip
  • That of the options, withdrawn from the bank account

So, if you have not signed an insurance contract with the terms mentioned above or direct debit mandate which corresponds to the amount debited from your account, contact your bank to challenge this dubious transaction.

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The descriptions of the SIACI SAINT HONORE direct debit on your statement

This SEPA direct debit takes place monthly and appears under different labels on your bank statement under the SEPA identifier FR40ZZZ408436:

  • Prlvt SEPA Interim healthcare
  • Prlvt SIACI Interim healthcare
  • Prlvt Vivinter


SIACI Saint Honoré is an insurance and pension brokerage company. This French company offers companies of all types and individuals coverage for their property, health, retirement and other miscellaneous risks (IARD).

It also supports its policyholders through advice and the design of appropriate solutions for risks in social protection, remuneration, employee savings, transport and international mobility. In addition, MSH International, the largest subsidiary of the group, specializes in health insurance and provident schemes for individuals on the move on a global scale.

From 2017, Siaci Saint Honoré expands thanks to the shareholding and the diversification of its activities by holding shares in the pan-African group OLEA, by acquiring AC Conseil, and by being joined by the Jean Busnot group. It also markets its products in France under numerous brands including Vivinter, Interimaires Santé, etc.

The insurance, consulting and management giant now has nearly 4,000 corporate clients, 3,200 international partners, and more than 3 million insured individuals in France and the rest of the world. The group recorded half a billion euros in turnover in 2019.

Products offered by SIACI SAINT HONORE

SIACI SAINT HONORE operates in various health insurance and provident insurance markets, as well as coverage of various business risks:

  • Tailor-made health and provident insurance solutions: advice, actuarial services, management and prevention of occupational health
  • Retirement and investment schemes: advice on retirement savings, asset management, employee shareholding, procedures for retirement liquidation, administrative management of annuities, management of social commitments
  • Protection of assets and liabilities: business risks, transport cover and specialties (construction, energy, maritime, jewellery, etc.)
  • International mobility coverage

How to stop the SIACI SAINT HONORE direct debit?

Two hypotheses can arise:

  • Are you not a member to SIACI SAINT HONORE insurance. You are then required to to oppose these abusive debits not corresponding to any justified payment.
  • You are effectively insured by SIACI or one of its subsidiaries (Vivinter, Interimaires Santé, etc.) and you want to stop the debit, because you want to terminate your insurance agreement or want to change the method of payment of your contributions.

To cancel your SIACI or Vivinter or Health Interim health insurance, you can proceed by 4 possible steps:

  • Send a direct registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt at the postal address of SIACI Saint Honoré shared at the end of this guide.
  • Close your insurance with legal document ordering termination. To this end, you must call on a bailiff to draft the text.
  • Put an end to your supplementary health insurance by returning in person your termination letter at the head office or at an agency of the insurer in your region.
  • Review the general terms of your contract: SIACI can provide you with additional information concerning the terms of termination.

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When should you send the cancellation letter for your SIACI Saint Honoré insurance?

The non-renewal of your contract can be notified at different times, the terms of which are explained below:

Siaci Saint Honoré direct debit

On the anniversary date of the contract

The insurance or the complementary health generally ends on the anniversary date of its signature. If you terminate in this context, you are then subject to the Chatel law. It authorizes termination on the annual due date. Knowing that the Hamon law (allowing it at any time) does not apply to health insurance.

Your insurer must notify you of the arrival of your due date at least 75 days before the latter. You must follow a 2 months notice before this deadline to send your termination request letter.

Outside the anniversary date of the contract

However, it is possible to terminate your health insurance immediately provided that you justify it with a legitimate reason. You must of course provide the part.

For the purpose of subscribing to a complementary company health insurance

You can stop your health insurance with SIACI Saint Honoré if you are in the obligation to join a mutual company. In this case, you can attach to your termination letter the personal certificate signed and stamped by your employer.

Your collective health insurance subscription certificate is also valid as proof.

  • For your letter of termination of the insurance contract, send your letter to the following address:


39 rue Mstislav Rostropovitch 75017 Paris cedex 17 FRANCE

  • You can also contact customer service by e-mail via this contact form
  • Or by phone on 01 44 20 99 99 Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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