Slaughter of a young wild boar in Mérignac, other non-lethal solutions exist!

I am writing this petition to denounce a huge injustice against wildlife, a slaughter that could have been avoided, especially in these gloomy times for nature and its inhabitants!

On Monday, August 15, a young wild boar was slaughtered under the orders of the Gironde Prefecture, because apparently the town hall of Mérignac would not have reacted to the problem. See South West article:

This poor boar was resting in the sun without causing any trouble to anyone, while the national police and lieutenant of louveterie around 4:30 p.m., within the Ardillos residence, decided to kill himand this, without preliminary anesthesia, and under the windows of the people of the district!

A revolting and immoral action, knowing that animal associations were notified and would solve the problem the same evening in a human way.

that is how wildlife is treated in our country by government institutions!

At a time when compassion and empathy towards them should surface, given the dramatic situation this summer with the fires which ravaged thousands of hectares of forest. Why is this contempt for wildlife so pervasive?

Why go directly to the lethal route, slaughter, when other much more respectful solutions have been proposed, such as, for example, put the animal to sleep to transport it to a natural environment?

It’s shocking and we will not let these despicable actions and decisions pass from the prefecture of the Gironde which, as we know, shows very little empathy and interest in the animal cause, for example by giving free rein to hunting while our forests are burning and the poor animals with it!

It’s fine speeches, but we must act now, and quickly in favor of wildlife.

Myself and the signatories of this petition, we therefore ask the Prefect of the Gironde:

  • the suspension of the 2022/2023 hunt to let nature regenerate after these terrible fires
  • Wednesday and Sunday without hunting, like what was proposed to the Senate but unfortunately refused! The Gironde prefecture could set an example in the face of the growing aberration that public opinion feels with regard to hunting activities (one can no longer walk in the middle of nature without having the fear in one’s stomach of taking a bullet, which is not normal! we, citizens, must reclaim natural spaces)
  • the treatment of wild life with more respect and no longer resorting directly to lethal solutions, as was the sad case of this young wild boar lost in the residence in Mérignac. Respectful solutions exist, why avoid them? Especially since this poor animal was not aggressive and had just had to flee the burned areas to take refuge! We must show mercy and benevolence!

We are at a turning point where our relationship with nature must evolve to be more empathetic and benevolent, especially towards animal species which bear the brunt of our actions and are collateral victims of human activity.

Fires and various natural disasters show us this on a daily basis.

So I hope itThis petition will make you aware of the need to coexist respectfully with wildlife. without resorting to barbaric and archaic methods.

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