SME insurance: do we still have to choose between solidity and agility?

It is a story that has its roots at the beginning of the last century, in the wake of the law of July 4, 1900, opening the way to the agricultural mutualist movement. The Assurances Mutuelles Agricoles were created to protect farmers against the risks that weighed on their crops, at a time when the sector represented 80% of the national wealth. These took the name of Groupama in 1986, marking the group’s adaptation to new economic conditions and the internationalization of financial markets. Today Groupama is a leading mutual insurer, present at national and regional level, but also internationally.

Present in 10 foreign countries, Groupama is the leading agricultural insurer in Romania. It has 25,000 employees in France, 30,000 elected volunteers in the field and 6.5 million members and customers. Although it remains the leading insurer in the agricultural world and municipalities, Groupama has a dedicated offer for SMEs with 20 to 250 employees.
Its approach covers three universes of needs: the protection of the manager, that of his activity and that of his employees. Mutual insurance group and local player of reference, very established in the regions, Groupama thus imposes itself as a privileged partner of the environment of SMEs, guaranteeing them proximity and responsiveness to carry out their projects and deliver a quality service. .
Its mutualism claims the values ​​of proximity, solidarity and responsibility. It is also a mutualism of action with the ability to act quickly and efficiently, in the field, always putting people and social ties at the center of everything. For Groupama, everything starts at the local level. Members elect their representatives within the 2,700 local mutuals, which in turn elect their representatives at the regional and national levels. Each important decision is the subject of collective reflection upstream within the framework of general meetings, boards of directors, commissions and work meetings.

The head of a Groupama customer, as a mutual member, is invited to Groupama’s Boards of Directors and General Meetings. He will benefit from the sharing of experience of the actors present. More than 300,000 members take part in the general meetings of the local mutuals each year. They approve the accounts, are informed of new offers and new services offered by Groupama. As for the local administrators, who are all volunteers, they act as intermediaries between member customers and Groupama to improve the quality of offers, services and benefits.

A local insurer
Its solid local roots throughout France enable Groupama to be as close as possible to the needs of its customers and members. Each region has its own fund, which has the effect of strengthening the group’s proximity to its policyholders. Requests do not have to go back to the national headquarters, they are dealt with as closely as possible by decision-makers, women and men in the field, accessible, easy to meet. And, as a decision-making company, the regional mutual Groupama speaks as equals with the other business leaders in its territory.
On a day-to-day basis, business leaders can rely on their Groupama account manager. Both a trusted advisor and an insurance specialist with the right products and services at a fair price, he acts as a real business facilitator. His in-depth knowledge of the economic fabric of each territory allows him to gain in relevance, to speak the same language. To go even further, the local Groupama mutuals are real players in economic life, putting their know-how and energy at the service of projects and initiatives in their region. And this, in the interest of their member customers.
And when managing a claim, the company manager can of course count on the financial solidity of a large international group whose turnover reached 15.5 billion euros in 2021.Groupama s’ thus imposes in France as the 1st insurer of the agricultural world and the 1st of the municipalities. This robustness gives companies guarantees, even though the financial consequences of the risks linked to their activity can be very heavy. Not to mention the cost of natural disasters: according to France Assureurs, the bill for climatic claims could double over the period 2020-2050, compared to the last 30 years. To control uncertainty, the choice of a leading insurer seems essential.

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